Sport Facilites

Acoustic Audio Design. Jakarta International Stadium || Burro Happold – Jakkon – PDW

Fans repeatedly attend games held in sports facilities that deliver an extraordinary experience to watch the actions of their favorite teams.

This experience will decide whether fans are willing to leave their home entertainment and spend their money to return to the venue.

Furthermore, nowadays sports facilities, especially stadiums, have shifted to not only facilitate sports games.

They have become multipurpose venues that are able to serve other events, such as musical performances and ceremonies.

To entice fans and other event organizers to choose your venue, it should go beyond the ordinaries.

Acoustic Audiovisual Design. Indoor Multi-Purpose Stadium Gelora Bung Karno || Architect Aboday

Acoustic Audio Design. Jakarta International Stadium || Burro Happold – Jakkon – PDW

We provide the next-level acoustic designs to make your venue stands out and increases your revenue streams.

Our design will help reduce a long trail of echoes and high crowd noise, to make your PA system sounds clear.

Last but not least, the spectator and live music sound which leaks to the area surround it should comply to the noise regulation.

Music Venues

Acoustic Design. West Java Art & Culture Center || Architect Penta Architecture

Music venues deeply influence the art, cultural, and entertainment life of a city—not only by providing space for an event but as architectural symbols themselves.

Theaters, concerts, operas, musicals, films, live music and clubs, all demand spaces in which to be effectively presented. Those are spaces that determine not only the visual but also the acoustic quality of music performances.

We help you to engineer your venues to present more enjoyable events that are memorable to your customers.

Our integrative design concept goal is to design a performing art hall like composing a song. A melodious yet harmonious song that last forever. 

It is truly a primary investment to keep your customers coming back to your venue.

Acoustic Design. West Java Art & Culture Center || Architect Penta Rekayasa

Worship Halls

Acoustic Audiovisual Lighting Design. Floating Mosque Ancol

Acoustic Audiovisual Lighting Design. Cathedral Jakarta

Acoustic Design. Vihara Borobudur Medan

The sacred experiences in the worship hall can create peaceful mind. Through out history architecture and religion has developed a unique sound characteristic.

The goal is to create Spiritual Emotional Experience such as sacred, reflective, inspired, nostalgic, and cheerful through sound and visual sensory. 

At last, we deliver an acoustic design that creates not only the best sound quality but also exquisitely blends with the architecture and sound signature of your worship hall.

Acoustic Lighting Audiovisual Design
Vihara Borobudur Medan

Acoustic Lighting Audiovisual Design.
Gereja Katedral Jakarta

Speech Intelligibility is important for sermons. Therefore, the excessive room reverberation should be treated. 

However, at the same time, too much control might not be good for chanting or music.

In some cases, if the room is not possible to be treated, then we will design the sound source to match the room acoustic characteristic.

Night Entertainment

Acoustic Design. Exodus Club Kuningan City || Interior Julio Julianto

Night clubs nowadays are essentially live music venues. Huge speakers, loud sound systems and live performances by DJs and Musicians are commonplace.

The guest demands for loudest sounds to be excited but the neighbour needs a quite sound environment to sleep well. 

It only makes sense for a venue that has music and live sound as the integral core of their business to be acoustically treated and insulated.

Acoustic Design. Exodus Club Kuningan City ||  Interior Julio Julianto

Treating a night club will enhance the sonic quality of played music and help you get the most out of your sound systems.

Insulating a night club is a social responsibility for keep the environmental noise low.