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A brief summary of Pasifik Cafe

Pasifik Cafe is a cafe with styles of that of a cafe night club in Jakarta Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. At the end of 2014 Pacific Cafe appointed ALTA Integra as a consultant and a contractor to work on the design engineering of Pasifik cafe. There’s also wants from the Pacific Cafe that surrounds sound insulation, acoustic treatment space, and interior design in the room.

In accordance with the name of the cafe, the cafe pacific want nuanced design of the seas of pacific ocean with a beam of sunlight shining on the shores of the pacific ocean.

Working Targets :

1. Designing a room cafe with the nuances of the seas of Pacific Ocean.
2. Insulate the café so as not to disturb to the neighbors.
3. Improve the sound quality in the room by performing acoustical treatment in the room.

Working Process

1. Acoustics Design Consultation

As a first step we perform the calculation and analysis of the design as follows:

A. Acoustics Design Consultation

  • Define Acoustics Parameter – Regulation and Standardization
  • Acoustics Measurement
  • Data Analysis and Calculation
  • Acoustics Recommendation Design Solution
  • Simulation
  • Acoustics Technical Draw and BQ
  • Consultation Reports

B. Interior Design Consultation

  • Define Interior Design Criteria
  • Preview 3 dimension
  • Technical and ME Drawing
  • Bill of Quantity

2. Interior Design

Kami mendesain interior Pasifik Café dengan konsep lautan samudera pasifik dilambangkan dengan bentuk ombak pada dinding,matahari yang menyinari lautan,peta samudera pasifik pada plafon dan meja berbentuk barel-barel. Terlihat pada gambar di bawah ini nuansa lautan samudera pasifik makin kental dengan desain yang kami buat tersebut.

Concept Design

Design Preview

3. The execution of insulation and construction

For insulation construction stage the room we did several phases as follows:

  • Cleaning indoor and outdoor areas
  • Attaching the wall and ceiling insulation
  • Installation of insulating material
  • Closure insulation and finishing insulation
  • Cleaning the room as a base interior

Cleaning around the cafe

Cleaning the indoors of the cafe

Attaching the wall insulation

Attaching the Ceiling insulation

Installation of insulating material

Closure insulation and finishing insulation

Cleaning the room as a base interior

4. The Workings of the Interior

Parties from the Pacific Cafe wants the cafe immediately operate despite interior craftsmanship is still running, therefore we immediately conduct interior process as soon as possible so the cafe can quickly operate, interior work starting from the floor, walls, provision of furniture and air conditioning. Picture below is a process of interior.

Work on the interior seats and walls

Work on the interior ceiling

Work on the bartender area

5. The final result of the process

All stages of the work has been completed, and the parties from the Pasifik Café feel satisfied will be the end result of ALTA Integra. Café design in accordance with the expectations of the owner. And until now the Pacific Café continues to operate with the many visitors who come every day. ALTA Integra feel happy and satisfied with the results of our work to make the customer feel satisfied and can improve customer business in the future.

Here’s a video of the room in Pasifik Cafe

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