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Karaoke Consultations and Design For Karaoke in Singkawang Singkawang

Consulting and design is an early stage to build a dream karaoke room. Listening to music or sing a song in the karaoke room feels alive and comfortable in the ear. We start the work by observingof the architecture of the karaoke room, size space, the type of material installed in the room right to apply.

Karaoke Lounge Consultation and Design

The Scope of work for consulting is from studying the existing structures, making the layout of the room, giving advice sound insulation so that the sound is not mutually sound between rooms karaoke and does not leak out of the room karaoke, make design ranging from acoustic design, interior design, lighting design, wiring design and audio design karaoke.

Here are some previews VIP Karaoke Room design that is designed by taking into account the good sound, good lighting,the beauty and comfort.





To Design and Build Karaoke consultation, please contact us or fill out the form below:

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