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Measurement and Analysis of Acoustic Sound Leaks To Solve


Sound leakage is one of the most avoided by entertainment venues especially those close to the settlement. As happened at My Way Karaoke in Pamanukan, leak noise disturbing surrounding residential even hotel guests. The management of contact ALTA Integra to consult. Measurement and analysis of sound leakage is on the basis of requests from clients in connection with the leak sound is heard around the location of the sound source. Target measurement is to reduce sound leakage levels up to 55dB in accordance with government regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.

Measurement Results

Measurements were made on January 26, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with the following results:

50Hz Frequency

  1. Speaker: 120dB
  2. Middle Hall: 110dB – 115dB
  3. Kitchen (closed door): 70dB
  4. Rear Hallway: 80dB – 85dB
  5. Left Hallway: 80dB
  6. Front Parking Lot: 75dB
  7. Hotel Parking Lot: 78dB
  8. Zincalum Roofing: 99dB
  9. Concrete Roofing: 88dB
  10. Cieling below the Zincalum Roofing: 106dB

2500Hz Frequency

  1. Speaker: 120dB
  2. Middle Hall: 110dB – 115dB
  3. Kitchen (closed door): 58dB
  4. Rear Hallway: 68dB
  5. Left Hallway: 69dB
  6. Front Parking Lot: 60dB
  7. Hotel Parking Lot: 66dB
  8. Zincalum Roofing: 89dB
  9. Concrete Roofing: 75dB
  10. Cieling below the Zincalum Roofing: 94dB

Acoustics Analysis

From the results of the above measurements, it can be seen that the greatest sound leakage occurs on the surface of the roof that reaches 99dB zincalum with predominantly at low frequencies.

According to our estimation, noise interference can still be heard above the threshold of 55dB interference up to a radius of 158m.


Acoustic Solution

The solutions we recommend are as follows:

  • Changing the zincalum roof into the concrete deck.
  • Installing sound insulation material with a high mass like Acourete Mat Resin.

Here is an estimate of voice disorder that occurs after the above steps taken. From the picture, looks radius noise nuisance is reduced to about 45m.



This report analyzes which we can serve in order to take corrective measures in accordance with existing conditions.

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