Mandiri Plaza Hall: Renovation Work

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Mandiri Plaza Hall: Renovation Work

ALTA Integra, together with Studio-T, has finished the refurbishment work of the Plaza Mandiri Tower’s main hall. This iconic hall has served various historical corporate events for decades. As Mandiri Bank grows, so does the need to modernize the hall. The new design aims to turn this room into a more sophisticated auditorium while still preserving the classic and magnificent concept of Plaza Mandiri. Put simply, this project is all about establishing a fine combination, where engineering cooperatively meets aesthetics.

In this renovation, ALTA Integra obtained the commission to reformulate the acoustics, lighting, and audiovisual (AV) designs of the main hall along with its technical upgrade.


Lighting Design

Our lighting designers have developed this renewal to the smallest detail by offering an elegant combination of the lighting concept, functionality, and versatile control. As we always commit to providing an accurate solution to the client, we used computer modeling software to visualize the lighting concept and verify the illumination target at the design stage.

In this project, our lighting design was categorized mainly into two groups, i.e., the main hall and the lift lobby upfront.

For the hall, we chose a gigantic chandelier to be hung at the center of the ceiling for offering the utmost of illumination. Its warmly soft glow creates a statement about resplendence, a perfect epitome of the wealth of Mandiri Bank.

An antique wall light was placed on each decorative pilaster at the upper part of the wall to add a neoclassical touch to the ambiance.


Since this main hall will serve multiple company occasions that require stage use, such as ceremonial events, seminars, and broadcasting, 4000-K color temperature was selected for the stage area to give a clearer vision.

For the lighting control, we believe that lighting flexibility brings additional value for this multi-functional hall. That is why our lighting designers specified four lighting scenarios to allow attendees to experience different moods. When the users need to adjust the lighting scene to align with the desired function or atmosphere, controllers by Helvar will come into play. Dimmers equipped with a reliable DALI control system will also provide a dramatic and spectacular effect on the elegant look of the hall.

At the hall lobby, a series of dome-shaped uplight pendants were chosen to give another attractive lighting character. While the lobby has its unique design, the concept continuity is still preserved. It ensures that attendees can experience a smooth design transition from the lift lobby to the main hall.



Audiovisual System Design

To modernize the main hall into a state-of-the-art gathering facility, the ALTA Integra team incorporates a smart and visually-appealing AV system.

As a clear sound transmission and free-interference are key to executing successful events, we trusted Shure ADX Series to offer a wireless microphone network system for this project.

Compact line array loudspeakers, provided by TW AUDiO, will deliver uncompromising sound quality and evenly-distributed sound pressure level in the entire hall.

Meanwhile, the audio mixing system is powered by the flexible Allen & Heath dLive Series. This system will take the mixing experience a step further and ideal for broadcasting applications. With smart controlling capability, the user can perform soundcheck remotely at any audience position.

Professional Vaddio RoboSHOT video cameras were distributed at 6 different locations. These cameras allow movement in three axes (pan, tilt, and zoom) simultaneously, which can be controlled remotely. Its auto-tracking ability to follow the speaker’s movement makes it ideal for video conferencing and live broadcast.

As ALTA Integra focuses on its human-centric philosophy, quality and comfort matter most. Ergonomics always becomes our attention to design. Our AV designers carefully determined the screen’s optimal height and width by considering the human field of view and head movement to offer a convenient viewing experience. The viewing angle was also specified at the proper value to avoid losing brightness and experiencing a color shift.

We recommended a 10-meter wide, fine pitch LED video panel, provided by Unilumin, with quality of more than 4K resolution.

Mandiri Plaza Hall: Renovation Work

For the video signal transmission, exceptional image performance and low latency were ensured by using fiber optic cables integrated with the Extron FOXBOX transmitter and receiver.

Meanwhile, we selected a Barco E2 presentation system to support native 4K input and output. It also offers great expandability and outstanding image quality with its superior image processor.

As the brain of the overall AV operation, the control room should be designed to maximize the user’s convenience. Here, the ALTA Integra team equipped the room with Neumann loudspeakers and a Samsung monitor. The AV equipment also features wireless control capability to support the operators’ mobility. This technology enables operators to control multiple AV equipment remotely by only using an Ipad.


Acoustic Design

Our optimized acoustic design was also supported by acoustic computer modeling. The modeling includes simulation to predict the proper architectural acoustic strategy to ensure optimal speech intelligibility and uniformity at every corner of the audience area. Our proposed room-to-room noise control strategy was also modeled to assure that excellent privacy and low distraction index can be obtained. To achieve our design targets, ALTA Integra recommended local products, Acourete, for the absorptive and sound-blocking material, which is renowned for its use of polypropylene, a truly revolutionary alternative to mineral wool.


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