Tebengang Government Multifunction Hall Kabupaten Malinau ACOUSTIC ANALYSIS OF PROBLEMS THE RIGHT TO OVERCOME ROOM ECHO

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Tebengang Government Multifunction Hall Kabupaten Malinau



Malinau area is the district of East Kalimantan which is rich in coal. Regent of Malinau have a strong desire for the development of the region. He made some planning development of the territory ranging from road reparation, construction of public facilities and procurement of modern equipment. In addition, he also did not neglect the compliance of acoustic quality factor in his development.

For all this time, Malinau residents using a ballroom / multifunction hall called “Tebengang” located in the offices district of Malinau. But users often lodging complaints of reverberation noise and echoes that occurs in that space when it’s used. Mr. Daniel Trimanto as a technical consultant who is trusted by the regent was ordered to find solutions for the problems. After conducting a comparative study between some acoustic consultant in Jakarta, they chose ALTA Integra using products Acourete to solve their problems.

Acoustic problems

Here are some acoustic problems in Tebengang:

1. When it is used as an important government events, the room can’t provide enough intelligibility so that every attendance can clearly hear what is being said.

2. When the space used for the celebration or customs ceremony, the attendance have difficulties to follow the proceedings and also the sound of music played in the room sounded frenetic.

3. When the room is used for music or dance practice hold by the Department of Culture, it is very difficult for trainees to concentrate and practice because they can’t hear the instructions from coach while the music also sounds frenetic.

Preliminary data

As the initial data, we perform analysis and measurement of some acoustic properties of the room. After that we analyzed the structure of the building construction as well as lay out of the room. Following is a pictures of the room before the acoustic treatment is done. We can see from the photo that almost all surfaces in the room are hard surfaces that reflect sound.

One acoustic properties which we is shown here is the graph RT60 (reverberation time). As we can see, there are huge reverberation time difference between frequencies. The longest echo is about 10 seconds at a frequency of 1000 Hz. And the shortest echo of 2 seconds at a frequency of 125 Hz.

Here are some pictures of the room after the acoustic work completed

Appearance acoustic panels that blend with the early room design

Acourete module is well-suited with East Kalimantan ornamental decoration.

The installation of Acourete modules and acoustic panels are practically easy, so there is no need to change the initial design of the room.

The calculation results show that reverberation time fall drastically as it is evenly balanced for each frequency as well. The average reverberation time for this room is only about 2 seconds.

The inauguration of the new room attended by governors, regents, and other relevant officials was great and they are proud and satisfied with the acoustic quality improvement.
An incredible final result, as the multipurpose hall now can be used by society efficiently for useful purposes.
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