Acoustic Comfort Design Integration, Thermal and Light Sport Hall at Canisius College Jakarta

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Problems Comfort Design Thermal Acoustics and Light

Kolese Kanisius Jakarta have a sports hall with a variety of functions, namely to practice sports, art activities, and academic activities (seminars, graduations, or religious activities). The sports hall was designed by Han Awal and was built in 1990. Over time, perform the minor changes in the room to tackle the problem of air circulation, glare area, ease of maintenance, audio sound clarity, and so forth. However, these design changes often bring new problems. For example, installing curtains on the window which aims to reduce glare and heat in the morning led to a dark room and to unscrew the curtains require considerable time.

Design Work Target Thermal and Acoustic Comfort Light

ALTA Integra is given the task to improve acoustic comfort, thermal and light in the room Sport Hall Canisius College Jakarta. The goal is to be able to function properly so that users can perform activities room with comfortable and with good sound clarity. Comfortable to use for an art show or just have a conversation. The room looked bright, but not glare. The room was cool although not using mechanical refrigeration (air).

Work Steps Design Thermal and Acoustic Comfort Light

In general, the steps work we do is as follows:

  1. Collecting the problems and expectations of users of the room.
  2. Identifying the problem field and measure the parameters of acoustic comfort, thermal, and light.
  3. Creating a design target based on international standardization.
  4. Make a hypothetical problem and perform computer simulations of the hypothesis.
  5. Making the concept of design solutions and test the design concept with computer simulations.
  6. Make improvements design and test new designs to find the maximum results with a reasonable budget.

The following is a statement of design work of acoustic comfort, thermal, and light.

Conclusion Design Thermal and Acoustic Comfort Light

This article will continue after all the work is done. Also, we will take measurements of acoustic, thermal and light to ensure the accuracy of the design and the final result accordingly. Although a bit complicated and a tough challenge, in fact it’s possible to achieve.

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