ALTA Integra Home Theater Design and Build Mr VJ

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ALTA Integra Home Theater Design and Build

Integrating aspects of interior design, acoustics, lighting, audio-video and automation for high-performance rooms

Mr. VJ besides having sensitive eyes and ears, has high taste. It has long been an obsession to have a Home Theater room that can display high-quality sound and images in a beautifully comfortable room. After reviewing several Home Theater specialist designers, he decided to entrust ALTA Integra to realize this dream.

Alta Integra is given an Integrated Home Theater Design work which includes:

Alta Integra is given the Integrated Design and Build Home Theater work which includes: Interior Design, Room Acoustic Design, Lighting Design, Electrical Design, Design Coordination with Audio Video and Automation.

The work starts from the Pre-Design stage which starts from exchanging ideas about the Functions of the Style Room, Interior Design, Audio Video and Automation Technology that will be applied in the room. From the results of the exchange of ideas produced the Pre-Design Concept in the form of a draft 3D preview image of the room, schematic room layout, concepts and objectives of acoustic design, concepts and objectives of lighting design, schematic of audio-video equipment.


After that, proceed to the Design-Development stage which starts with the Calculation and Determination of Audio Video Equipment Position in the room so that the sound hardness and lighting level of the image are optimal. After that proceed with the acoustic design.

Reverb Time Simulation Graph Graph Planning Phase

Post-Construction Reverb Time Chart Graph

To ensure that the acoustics are paired on target modeling and simulation of Acoustic Architecture using EASE software and other acoustic software. Then proceed to Developing a Room Lighting Design.

Modeling and simulation of Acoustic Architecture

Lighting design was made in 4 presets to accommodate 4 activities carried out in the room. Presets for watching Home Theater, presets for Karaoke, presets for playing Games and Presets for cleaning and maintaining the room. Each preset is determined by the type and position of the lamp. To ensure the right level of lighting and the right nuance, lighting modeling and simulation is done using Dialux software.


After that, a final 3-dimensional preview was made to get the look and feel of the room to be made. After all aspects of planning were approved by Mr. VJ, the planning phase ended with a picture of interior construction work and MEP including Audio Video and Technology.

Construction work, starting from the work of making flooring, wall frames, ceilings, pulling cables – cables. Installation of acoustic panels, interior work, finishing, bracket mounting, and so on. There are several design changes carried out at the construction stage to improve the quality and performance of the room.


Cable termination testing, equipment installation, equipment connection, sound testing, set-up and audio video calibration. Every job is carefully monitored to the smallest detail. The work ends with acoustic measurements and final lighting. To ensure everything has been installed in accordance with the calculation of design goals.

In addition to being the main planning, ALTA Integra also functions as construction management that coordinates the design and work of Audio vendors, namely Sydney Audio, Visual and Automation Digital Screen vendors and vendor of Solid Teak Woodworking, Mr. Sonny.

Every material installed in this room is a premium quality material to produce the best finish. The total work requires a fairly large budget and almost 18 months from planning until the room is finished and calibrated to perfection.

Now Mr. VJ can share his experience watching box office movies with his colleagues and family in the nuances of the Ethnic Modern Classic interior. An unforgettable experience, comments some of Mr. VJ’s colleagues after watching a movie in the room.

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