Food Empire, Emporium Pluit Mall: Lighting Design

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Food court

Located in CBD Pluit Superblock, Emporium Pluit Mall has massive potential for attracting many customers. As the developer, PT Pluit Propertindo, a subsidiary of Agung Podomoro Land, aimed to boost this retail and hospitality business by optimizing the customer’s experiences through a total renovation. Here, this process started with refurbishing the existing food court, Food Empire, with a new stunning design, with a new stunning design. The old Food Empire had a dark ambiance, which raised concerns from the vendors and mall operators.

Collaborating with The Metaphor Indonesia–one of the leading interior designers in the hospitality industry, ALTA Integra was trusted to conceptualize the lighting design of the food court. The interior was wonderfully designed with a contemporary scheme, blended with the right hint of warm texture from the natural wood. ALTA Integra helped this exquisite interior concept by creating the right lighting concept through a multistep process involving meticulous concept ideation, modeling, and simulation.


Shared Dining Areas

The shared dining area was situated in the food court center, with the food stalls are mainly located in the surrounding. We provide a lighting design that aligns with the interior concept, which envisioned vibrant social activities in the food court where customers could have exciting conversations and disconnect from the devices while eating out.
Downlights with a slightly warm white color temperature were configured nicely on the wooden ceiling with a symmetrical pattern to give the general lighting that inspires a relaxing mood to this dining area. LED strip lights were also chosen to accentuate the signature wave pattern that is spread across the room. They give the perception of movement and direction, which encourages the patrons to explore every single corner of the food court area. The LED strip lights make a distinct warm color to the ceiling’s recessed areas, adding a nice color transition from the brown wood ceiling panel to the white gypsum.



To give a more intimate and pleasant atmosphere, the interior designers selected white pendant lights atop some of the dining tables that have some brass accents to match the wooden furniture’s brownish color. We help them specified the lamps with consistent color temperature. Nothing on this food court was overlooked when developing a cozy atmosphere. Even the interior designers decored the columns with globe-shaped minimalist wall sconces with an antique brass finish that helps reveal the column panel’s texture.

We want the food to look more appetizing by choosing lights with good color rendering. Color rendering is vital as it avoids washed-out color on the food’s appearance, which can definitely affect people’s perception.


Food Stalls

We also designed the lighting in the food stalls with bright task lighting, making it convenient for the vendor staff to display the menu and prepare the food, especially in the kitchen. To avoid the light spilling over into the dining area, we selected trimless downlights with a specific beam angle. Since a storefront is an essential element of a food stall, we ensure that the aesthetic quality of the storefront was taken care of. At the bottom of the counter tables and at the top of the sign bands of the storefronts, we specified LED strip lights to complete the nice look of the food stall.





A well-designed lighting system was also provided in the restroom area. We offered a high-quality lighting design for visual tasks and grooming, improved the clean appearance, and reduce energy consumption. For grooming purposes, good color rendering is essential. Therefore, we selected fixtures and lamps thoughtfully.

restroom in a food court


Our choice of the minimal intervention of lighting elements can be seen throughout the food court area. We emphasized the importance of the seamless blend between the lighting and the interior design. Lighting fixtures, such as downlights and LED strip lights, were delicately placed so that unnecessary intervention to the interior was not made.

The result of good collaboration between the interior designers and our lighting design team is an eating-out place where the lighting can create a warm, inviting interior, adding a pleasant vibe and more nuances to the food. The place is now considered one of the best in-mall food courts in Jakarta and is also quite infamous among millennials as an Instagrammable spot to dine in. Now Food Empire, Emporium Pluit Mall has been witnessing the true benefits of investing in good interior and lighting designs for a hospitality area, like this food court, as the place is now seeing an increase in the number of customers with lots of vendors coming offering a great variety of food and beverage.


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