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Background of the Home Theater Design and Build Project

One time a businessman named Mr. AM contacted us (ALTA Integra). He explained that he wanted a home theater and karaoke room at his new home. After a brief introduction, he decided to entrust us to work on this room to analyze and take into account the space acoustics. The first job to do is to measure and estimate the room acoustics.

Needs Analysis of Home Theater Design and Build

He wants a room that can be used for karaoke, watching movies, and can be used for meetings, with one control.

The target solutions expected by him are as follows:

  • Home theater and karaoke sounds are good to hear and sing.
  • The echoes that exist before the treatment room can be minimized.
  • Low room noise so that home theater sound effects can be heard clearly and karaoke vocals sound good.
  • Space Acoustic Consultation.

To meet these targets related to space acoustic consultations, we do the following:

  • Analysis and calculation of resonance before treatment.
  • RT60 analysis and calculation before treatment.
  • Make several alternative space acoustic designs.
  • RT60 measurement in the room.
  • Estimation of modeling the good dimensions of these needs.
  • Estimated need for wall treatment so that the space acoustics that are obtained are effective.
  • Determine the most appropriate insulation and interior design.
  • Space Acoustic Analysis for Home Theater


According to data from computer calculations, it shows that the room for this home theater is in a white area which means that in this room excessive resonance problems will occur at frequencies below 500 Hz.

The results of computer calculations shown in the graph below also show that there are differences in low-tone resonance quantities with large and many differences.


The problem of reverberation in the room is illustrated in the graph below.

Home Theater Design Solution

Because of the many problems at low frequencies, we treat specifically on low notes.

For example:

Perform an acoustic simulation of several designs that have been made.
Determine the final design based on simulation results and calculations.
Installing acoustic products, such as sound dampening diffuser.
Work on Build Home Theater

After completing the design work, we do a work plan that starts from making a treatment wall followed by the work of installing cables and ceilings. After that, work on the front cabinet for the screen and speaker.

Room before work

Installation of treatment walls coated by Acourete Fiber

The condition of the ceiling after completion of the insulation work is made multilevel to produce a good reflective effect from the speaker

Wall conditions during installation work with Acourete Fiber materials and the Acourete Board

The condition of the room when the work is finished

The condition of the room when the work is finished

The condition of the room when the work is finished

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