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Home Theater Building Acoustic Design

Overview of Problems and Methods of Acoustic Design at Home Theater

Building a home theater is the desire of Mr. RL, a young businessman who lives in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. It’s been a long time, he likes watching movies and usually goes to the movies with his family. There are times when it is too busy, he does not have time to take his family for a walk or watch a movie to enjoy the weekend. Time can’t be bought, but a home theater room can be a solution.

Through his business partners, he was advised to immediately build a home theater in his home. Then, his colleague suggested that he use our services because our track record was considered ideal and good. To us, he expressed his intention to make a home theater to be enjoyed with his family. After he consulted, we came to his house to do an acoustic problem analysis in the room that was planned to be used as a home theater. The room has a size of 10×5 meters and is about 3.5 meters high.

Target of the Acoustic Design of the Home Theater Room

  • Designing sound insulation so that the sound from the home theater does not leak out and conversely the noise from outside the home theater also does not interfere into the room.
  • Perform acoustic panel design so as to produce sound output with first-class quality.
  • Design lighting that provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Design beautiful and memorable exclusive home theater interiors.

Home Theater Installation and Acoustic Design Methods

  • Install a soundproofing wall with the basic ingredients of Acourete Mat Resin.
  • Installing a portable acoustic panel to improve sound quality with the Acourete Fiber Panel.
  • Cooperating with audio and projector suppliers in the installation of audio visual devices.
  • Installing lighting and decorative lights.
  • Work on the interior finish according to the agreement of the acoustic design concept.

Around the middle of 2012, we started the project execution. At first we could not immediately do the acoustic installation. His house was still in the process of being renovated. In a state of renovation, of course it will disrupt the acoustic installation process and can result in two – three times repetition. Therefore, we waited for the renovation process to be completed so that it would be easier for us to do the acoustic installation. All of this for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency.

After the renovation of his house was completed, we carried out the estimation and simulation of the room. We held discussions and offered an acoustic design that was in line with the expectations of his home theater. One discussion of the initial discussion, he wanted the monitor screen to be on the right side of the room from the entrance. After considering it from all aspects, we recommend that the 150-inch screen monitor be placed in front of the entrance. Why is that? Because a room measuring 10×5 meters and a height of 3.5 meters will create an impression of freedom when the monitor screen is placed on the front wall measuring 5 meters. He finally agreed with our acoustic design concept. For the process itself, it takes around 4 months.

Work Process

Installation Results and Home Theater Acoustic Design

Mr. RL feels comfortable with a home theater at his home now. The sound in the room can be controlled properly. There is no sound leakage that can interfere with other activities in the house. In fact, he told me that once he had seen a movie scene where the situation in the film was raining. He was rather surprised and thought that the rain really fell outside his house. After checking out the home theater room, it turned out the sky was bright. The sound of rain in a home theater room indeed originated from the film he was watching. That way, it means we managed to give a good impression in this home theater project. He is now more routine in spending time with his children and wife. For him, watching a movie or video music concert at a home theater is a fun activity. Free time is a valuable time to chat with your beloved family.

Front View

Back View

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