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Home Theater Design with good acoustic quality is a dream. Stanley (not their real name) is a young entrepreneur who is engaged in capital markets businesses. He has a hobby of watching movies and karaoke at home after a long day at the office. He has a dream to be able to have the home theater and karaoke rooms are of good quality in terms of interior as well as in terms of acoustics.

Stanley meets William, who is a contractor engaged in the construction of the Home Theater. William is an entertainment room contractor who has a civil engineering education background but he loves home theater entertainment.

Stanley told him a wishlist to be met by William include: The home theater room should be soundproof and sound quality in the room should be heard clearly but not painful ear.

To fulfil the wishlist requested by Mr. Stanley, William contacting ALTA Integra for consultation in the design of the room acoustics.

Acoustic Design

Firstly, William installs sound insulation panels using materials Acourete Mat Resin and Fiber 300. Acourete sound insulation panels mounted on the walls and ceiling throughout the room to prevent sound leakage

After that, the acoustic treatment panels are installed throughout the entire walls of a home theater room. The panel then is finished by interior fabrics. To reduce resonance, the ceiling is made corrugated.

The entrance room is soundproofed Home Theater by pairing two soundproof doors, coated by Acourete Mat Resin.

End Result of the Home Theater

Panel acoustic treatment on a home theater room can be opened and there is a rack to load a collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray as well as books and magazines.

Evaluation and Conclusion

Once the entire work is completed then we do the testing home theater acoustic quality in terms of both sound insulation and in terms of acoustic treatment.

Installation of sound insulation in a home theater room was successful because almost no sound leakage. Sounds very quietly leaked through the door interrupted insulation.

Installation of acoustic treatment in the home theater room can be a success where music jazz vocals sounded very nice on the ears. Acoustic testing home theater room to the sound of action movies that we watch also sounds very impressive. Car engine sound and the sound of car tires when racing without straining ears sounded tense.

After conducting several test sound music and movies Stanley was very satisfied with the Design Home Theater with good acoustic qualities of the work of William.

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