Architectural Consulting Workmanship Acoustic Theresia Church, Menteng, Central Jakarta

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Architectural Consulting Workmanship Acoustic Theresia Church, Menteng, Central Jakarta

Connecting article ALTA project Integra in previous Theresia Church, this article continues workmanship content architectural acoustic consulting the Theresia Church.


The execution method of Architectural Acoustics Consulting

We make the working methods of architectural acoustics consulting in accordance with the procedural agreement kerja.Berikut are some of the methods we use:

1. Collect data on existing: Data interior, speaker configuration and speaker placement.
2. Make a Building Information Modeling with EASE Simulation.
3. Simulation of audio and acoustic parameters based on existing data.
4. Recommendations change the position of the speaker and simulation.
5. Recommendations speaker audio system configuration and simulation.
6. Recommendations replacement audio system and simulation.
7. Recommendations acoustic improvements church and simulation.

Consulting architectural acoustics at the Theresia Church was started in late 2014 and completed in mid-2015.

The execution of Architectural Acoustics Consulting

After doing a few dozen times of simulation audio clarity for music (C80) and conversation (STI) using the EASE software, we suggest several alternative solutions ranging from the simplest alternative solutions to the complex alternative solutions.

From the data – a complex simulation data into simple tables we simplify the comparison between the increased budget (USD) to be incurred versus the increase in the number of people receiving music sound clarity (C80) and the clarity of the conversation (STI) in accordance with standard audio quality of a Catholic church.

In addition we also do audio recordings that represent alternative solutions as the material for the psychoacoustic assessment. From all the data we present, pastor, church council and all the people can be involved in decision-making based on objective technical data.

Existing STI Condition

STI after Acoustic and Audio Redesign

Finally the decision was made that the most optimized between the budget that must be spent to increase the number of people who get clarity sounds of music and conversation.
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