Lighting Design Renovation of Heritage Buildings Canisius College Chapel Jakarta

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Lighting Design Renovation of Heritage Buildings Canisius College Chapel Jakarta

Background to the Chapel of the Canisius College

Canisius College is a Catholic school for male. Founded in 1927 by the Jesuit Order Union. This school has a house of worship, the Chapel which was completed in 1931. The following is an initial planning drawing found in the Canisius College school archive.

Lighting design at the beginning of the establishment of this chapel can be used during the day without much use of lights because the side windows is quite large with enough openings facing north-south so the room is not hot nor affected by glare. The altar wall faces east so that the morning sun illuminates the altar through stained glass.

However, in the late 1980s a tall building was built which covered the chapel building so that light did not enter the chapel caused the room to darken and be difficult to use. To overcome this problem, a change in design was made so that the chapel could be brighter. Here is a picture of the chapel after renovation so that the room is brighter.

Preliminary Design Stage

Preliminary Design work was first carried out in 2016 with the formation of a team namely

  • ALTA Integra as Acoustic, Lighting, and Audio Design
  • Atelier Cosmas Gozali as Planning Architecture
  • Several alumni of Canisius College as the planning and development supervisory team

Before carrying out the concept design, ALTA Integra measures daylight illuminance level. In the Preliminary Design phase ALTA Integra proposed several lighting concepts to the owner.

Schematic Design

After the concept design is submitted at the Preliminary Design stage approved by the Owner and the Planning Team, the work continues to the Schematic Design stage where ALTA performs modelling and simulation.



Detailed Engineering Design

The following is the detailed design by ALTA that has been done:


Make the Installation Mock Up to be consistent with the design. The purpose of this Mock Up is to find out the suitability of the results with the simulation design.


Lighting Design Testing & Commissioning

After the design and construction phase is complete, testing and commissioning needs to be done with the aim of ensuring that the lighting design that has been made meets the desired lighting parameters and is installed as it should.

Pictures (a) and (b) are lighting design plans and measurement results obtained.

Simulation Modelling

From the simulation that has been done before, subjective testing will be carried out to assess whether the looks of the light produced by the luminaire is in accordance with the simulation performance. From the picture above, it can be seen the comparison between the simulation and the built conditions is similar. Then the work checklist will be carried out by the contractor and the supervisor as the responsibility of ALTA Integra has completed the work.

After ALTA Integra carried out the renovation of the old building of the Canisius College Chapel with a more modern lighting design but did not reduce the sanctity of worship.

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