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Context Behind the Design Acoustic MD Music Recording Studio

MD Entertainment has built a new office in Jl. 1 Setiabudi, Kuningan, South Jakarta. The move to the new building followed by a whole division of labor of MD Music, including the work unit of MD Music headed by Mr Manoj Punjabi. To meet the production capacity, the company is building a studio recording a new best in Indonesia in building MD Place located in Kuningan, South Jakarta. To build this studio recording, MD Music entrust to us ALTA Integra ranging from concept design to the process.

Period August 2013 ago, Mr Manoj Punjabi discuss the needs of his discourse on the construction of one of the best recording studios in Indonesia which will be placed in the new building. The criteria for the best studio recording desired by him included only sound insulation, acoustic treatment space, and interior design in the room.

Problem Analysis and Solution Design Acoustic MD Music Recording Studio

In this case, we answer all the challenges given by Mr Manoj Punjabi. Beginning with a discussion of the needs of the room. Room needed is a sound lock, control room, take room, editing room, server room.

Then, we did a calculation the value of NC on take room and control room. We do the work to achieve the optimal soundproofing NC 35 on the take room and NC 36 to the control room.

Layout plan RFZ (Reflection Free Zone) in the control room (mixing chamber). RFZ functions in the control room is to get a direct sound from the monitor speakers so facilitate the work of recording and recording will get more precise results.

Recording Studio Layout

As with the take room (room for vocal recording or musical instruments), in this room we design the dimensions of the room to avoid the walls parallel. In addition, we are planning an acoustic treatment that is as natural as possible to make room frequency response that is balanced between low and high frequencies. The goal is the sound produced by all the instruments can be recorded closer to the original sound. Sound quality in this room can achieve optimum value.

The interior design of the room itself inspired and conceptualized from the basic idea of Mr Manoj Punjabi who want a simple room, but still impressed elegant, luxurious and elegant. With the basic idea, we try to interpret them into a stylish modern design classic.

3D Preview Control Room Music Studio MD Music

3D Preview Take Room Music Studio MD Music



Implementation Working Acoustic Music Recording Studio MD

After all stages of the consultation is completed, we were given a period of three months. However, in practice, the time can not be met. It was caused by delays in the schedule for the work because the room is still not physically ready to be worked. Due to delays in the start of the implementation, we took the initiative to help the work. Once the conditions are ready for cultivation, we immediately workmanship.

We started with the fit out existing site, then work on the establishment of RFZ walls, raised floor on the take and control room, insulation of walls and ceilings, interior walls and lighting, acoustic treatment, finishing or final check-up, and the latter is the final measurement.

Exterior Walls

Forming the RFZ Wall

Perimeter Acourete Vibration Pad 150 (Take Room Floor)

Raised Floor Construction (Control Room Floor)

Wall Insulation Coating

Making Ceiling Insulation

Results Work Acoustic Music Recording Studio MD

After all the process of recording studio acoustics MD Music is completed, it is time we perform quality checks of work. At this stage is the final stage where do the measurement. Our team check if all the work is going according to the original expectations. Also, it is possible that there are small improvements on several fronts. Therefore, the final stage is in dire need scrutiny and detail in recreating the quality of work from the early stages.

The main target here is located in the acoustic space. We make acoustic parameter table after the construction is completed. Checking the adjustment between work plans, work processes, and the final result. Listed below are the acoustic parameters to take room and control room.

It turns out acoustic measurements in accordance with the initial expectations. We were able to meet challenges. Not only the quality of the acoustic space, the design was in accordance with the work plan. Looks simple, but still elegant impression. All construction work completed with accuracy agenda. MD Party Music was satisfied with what they get. Neither do we, satisfied being able to provide optimal services of the highest quality to our clients.

Recording Studio MD Music

Ceiling Insulation of Recording Studio MD Music


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