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I Studio is a movie studio founded by Infinite Frameworks Group under the leadership of Mike Wiluan. Inaugurated on November 7, 2011 by the Minister of Tourism and Economy Mari Elka Pangestu.yang located in Nongsa Batam island with a land area of ten hectares. Selection of Batam as a location for the movie studio because of its strategic location for film producers Singapore and Malaysia.


I Studio offers a variety of facilities filming the outdoor stage area with the feel of the jungle, urban, and so on and two indoor stages. It also offers the manufacture of decorative as background movies, animation studios, post-production studios and visual effects.

Design and development planning I Studio undertaken by the company led by the head of consultants from the UK. Main Contractor indoor stage of development carried out by PKP Indonesia led by Mr. Francis Sujono. ALTA Integra designated as acoustic consultants to provide input and take measurements of acoustic performance on the indoor stage.


One of the requirements that are set for the achievement of noise criteria NC-25. To achieve the NC-25, then we do some assessments ranging from observing environmental noise, observing building construction and materials to be paired.

It also expects an echo (reverberation) on the indoor stage under 1.5 seconds. We did Acoustic Modeling simulation to predict the echo that will occur in the room.

Closing Statements

After construction is complete studio we perform measurements of background noise in the indoor stage and measurement Reverberation Time (RT60). The measurement results show good results.

With the expected results of these measurements in this studio acoustics deliver maximum results per filman to support the production of local and foreign. And of course the movie studio can also provide income to the Nongsa area.

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