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In Sunday Morning Mass or Special Event Mass, there is possibility that the mass capacity of the church will not be accommodate the increase of member the Catholic Congregation. As a plan to increase the mass capacity, the Church decided to develop an outdoor area as the extension space to make room for more people.  The plan started in 2018, with the mindset of respecting the architectural and heritage value of the building. Plaza Maria extension completed in 2019.

Design was developed to combine a low-output and high-output fixtures to create a subtle contrast patterns in all elements to accentuate the architectural element of the space. Detail lighting emphasize the column details and its spill light helps to illuminate the linear hanging plantation. Every part of the lighting design was developed in careful consideration of minimizing energy, glare, spill light, color temperature, and CRI to provide a high performance in the space.

The lighting design concept for Plaza Maria Extension was challenging. Open skylight glass was designed to let sun penetrate the areas and it equipped with retractable roof to prevent discomfort glare and unwanted excessive heat. Its retractable roof height over 9 meter high. In order to prevent glare, fixtures with high output for general lighting was chosen.


Isolux Simulation by DIALux


Using daylight and electric lighting to create an extensive range of moods and ambiences. For non-liturgy lighting scenarios, it breaks into pre-worship, post-worship, architectural ambience, and energy saving mode. Alternately, liturgy lighting scenarios breaks into meditative, general lighting ambience, bright session, and multimedia purpose. This flexible lighting solution accommodates occasions of all types. DALI systems allows these of scenarios to be executed and ensure saves energy costs.

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