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For years, sound system companies have been competing for their customers’ satisfaction by offering the best technology they can give through extensive product research and development. However, does the best sound system really give a guarantee of the best sound quality? Certainly not. There are some other aspects to be considered. What are they? Sound sources, transmission, and receivers are three crucial components that play a vital role in achieving the best sound quality. Nevertheless, among those three components, sound transmission is the one that gets much exposure in acoustics.

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30 August 2019 success
16 September 2019 coming soon

Having a career in building acoustics for years, Herwin Gunawan, the Principal of Alta Integra is pleased to host a seminar, “Acoustics and Perception” to share his knowledge and experiences. Being an acoustic practitioner who received a master degree in building physics from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Herwin has a broad knowledge on how to utilize building acoustics to improve sound quality in audio engineering.If you are still new to this subject, we will not let you feel intimidated. This seminar will be beginner-friendly as Herwin will give some introduction to acoustics in the beginning of the seminar that will help you understand better. This seminar will not be all about science and engineering. We are also going to talk about the human perception of sound. Exciting, right? What are you waiting for? Register today by filling out the Registration Form. We can’t wait to see you on Friday!

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