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A Joint Venture company that is engaged in manufacturing Industry production equipment that is having a problem with noise in the office. The noise happens in an office with a design open office and without a ceiling as big as 394.842m2. The worker in the room is disturbed by the noise that is caused by the design and the placement of Air Conditioning that is not appropriate.

The room uses a semi-central HVAC system. HVAC system in that room is hosted by a couple of compressor machines and a other HVAC machines. Noise can be heard in that room is a noise from the ducting and diffuser of the AC. After it is measured, the noise is exceeding the standard noise for open office which is recommended to be below 55 dBA.

The company appoints ALTA Integra as a consultant to solve the noise problem from the AC ducting and diffuser. The name of the company is to be kept secret to keep it professional.



To solve these challenges, we do these working steps :

  1. Measure the noise on the open plan to learn the characteristics of the noise
  2. Study the design image of HVAC system in the building and the room
  3. Accumulate the acoustic data and every element from the HVAC machine
  4. Create a modeling and noise simulation
  5. Fit the parameters of acoustic simulation results with the acoustic parameter measurement in the field to make sure there’s no discrepancy
  6. Develop a solution design and do a continuous simulation using a special program.

And thus our press release of Noise control Air conditioning on office building in Jakarta Barat – Office Building HVAC Noise Control. To further consult HVAC Noise Control, please fill the form below or contact us in:

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