Press Release : Outdoor Consultations – Indoor Building Noise Control Predictions and Noise control strategy on a Palangkaraya Archdiocese

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The complex of Palangkaraya Archdiocese is located in Jalan Tjilik Riwut 5, Palangkaraya, Kalimanatan Tengah. In the complex of the Palangkaraya  Archdiocese, stands a couple of guest house that is used for activities of the Archdiocese and a few supporting  buildings.


Image of the progress of Palangkaraya Archdiocese Renovation

To support the existing activities of the archdiocese, Renovating or construction fixing will be done on the Guest house.

The Guesthouse building is a building that is located the nearest to the Tijilik Riwut road compared to the other guesthouses. The location of the guesthouse is the one that has the most potential to be disturbed by noise from the road activities and other activities from the surrounding buildings, especially with the meeting room and the sleeping quarters of the arch-bishops.

Because of that, the Arch-bishops of Agung Palangkaraya appoints ALTA Integra to give a solution for the noise problem.


Schematic Outdoor Image– Indoor Building Noise Control


To overcome the big challenge, we do these working steps :


  1. Maintain the characteristics of traffic noise in Jalan Riwut based on the traffic noise data in every big city in Indonesia.
  2. Make a modeling and noise simulation Pre-Solution  using Outdoor – Indoor Building Noise Control Modeling software.
  3. Develop a solution design and do a repetitive simulation using Outdoor – Indoor Building Noise Control Modeling Software
  4. Show alternative solution with the structural analysis of the building and cost of construction.

And thus ends the press release Outdoor – Indoor Building Noise Control Prediction Work Consultation and Noise Control strategy on the Palangkaraya Archdiocese. For further consultations about noise control on House of worships, Please fill the form or contact us in :


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