Integrating Architecture with Lighting for Performance and Comfort

Design of a building when combined with lighting design will have a positive impact for users of the building and also the beauty of the building. The lighting design team of ALTA Integra creates a sustainable concept and synergy that is expressive in lighting.

The lighting design scope of work is to influence with façade design, building thermal design, natural ventilation design, architecture, interior design, and many more. Lighting design in ALTA Integra have expertise in merging the aspects above to reach an architectural that have high performance and comfort.

Service scope of ALTA Integra lighting design is : Daylighting Design, Lighting Design, Achitectural Lighting Design, Interior Lighting Design, Outdoor Lighting Design, General Lighting Design, Task Lighting Design, Ambient Lighting Design, Accent Lighting Design, Contextual Lighting Design, Special Lighting Design.

Daylighting Design

Day-lighting creates a room feel more broad, fresh, and reducing energy consumption. Designing a room with day lighting aspect can enhance the room’s beauty with a view of the environment and quality of light that can’t be replaced with man-made lighting.

Natural lighting planning that is creative but also accurate can increase the productivity, quality of study, sports achievement, and many more activities. The target design integration of natural lighting with architectural design, room, façade, acoustic, HVAC, and light is to get the appropriate lighting, shadow and many more effects that are desirable, and room temperature that is controlled to give the best comfort thermally, and also controlling noise to create a room that is tranquil for work, study, rest, and etc.


Interior Lighting Design

Lighting design team of ALTA Integra trades ideas and work together with other interior designer and consultants to understand, design, and control the interior lighting to get the best performance. Interior lighting surrounds general Lighting, Task Lighting, Ambient Lighting and Accent Lighting (Special Lighting). Beside from designer lighting, ALTA also understands and design integrated light from Task Lighting, Architectural Lighting and Daylighting. General and Task Lighting Design : Lighting Design Team ALTA Integra understands how lighting design can affect people in workroom, at home, in school and many play places. That will bring an solution that is positive for people that is doing activities in rooms and effective too for environment and business.


Ambient and Accent Lighting Design : Lighting Design Team ALTA understands and have the expertise and creativity in building ambient interior and highlighting elements of the interior. Accent Lighting Design to lighten objects of attention like art or the center of attention of an event.

Exterior Outdoor Lighting Design

In the night time, light can animate a character of an architecture. Architectural Exterior and Landscape Lighting Design : ALTA Integra lighting design works toeghter with architects and façade design team to create an exterior light effect that is magnificent. We create a light effect that is unique for each customer based on the characteristics of the image that wants to be built. The approach can build company identity and brand awareness that is strong and clear.

Contextual Public Area Lighting Design

Contextual Lighting Design functions to guide and direct our attention or give an impression to a location. Contextual Lighting make that area glow with feeling of safety and comfort. Sadly there are many mistakes in contextual lighting design that causes “Light Pollution” makes the area too bright and use too much energy.

ALTA Integra brings a wise approach towards Contextual Lighting Design, in planning to create lighting for public places so it can function well for people. Lighting can also have a role in functionality and culture in planning the renewal of cities.

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