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Architectural Lighting, General Lighting, High Performance Task Lighting, Accent Lighting, Facade Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Lighting & Daylighting Design Integration

Design of a building combined with lighting design will have a positive impact for users and also the aesthetics of the building.

We make lighting and daylighting design with purpose to improve quality of life as well as lowering energy consumption.

Our lighting design team will work together with architects and other designers or engineers to achieve high performance, well & green building.

The lighting design team of ALTA Integra creates a sustainable concept and synergy that is expressive in lighting.

Lighting design team of ALTA Integra trades ideas and work together with interior and other consultants to understand, design, and control the interior lighting to get the best performance.

Architectural Lighting Design is to highlight and enhance architecture or interior element.

General Lighting is to give general light for all activity in a room for example walking, doing task, and space visualization.

In designing task lighting our designers will do some preliminary designwork to find the best lighting parameter according to several studies, researches and standardizations.

Task Lighting is to light special task that needs visual concentration for high performance achievement in work, study, sport and et cetera.

Accent Lighting Design is to highlight objects of attention like art piece in museum or gallery, products in showroom or boutique, and the center of attention of an event (stage lighting).


Facade, Landscape and Public Area

Contextual Lighting guide our attention to specific impression of the building or space or object.

Our lighting designers work together with architects and façade designers team to create an outstanding outdoor lighting effect.

We create a lighting effect that is unique for each customer based on the brand characteristics image that wants to be built.

This approach can build iconic company brand identity in the location.

In the night time, light can animate a character of an architecture creating a contextual light that telling about the building or the area.

Lighting play important role of functionality and culture of the renewal city.

Sadly there are many mistakes in outdoor lighting design that causes “Light Pollution” makes the area too bright and use too much energy.

ALTA Integra lighting designer team brings a wise approach towards Outdoor Lighting Design, in creating lighting for public places that functions well for people.


Daylight usage will create a room that is felt more spacious, fresh, and lowering energy consumption.

A room with good daylight can enhance the room’s beauty with quality of light that can’t be replaced with artificial lighting and greenery outdoor surroundings view.

We understand how lighting design can affect people in workspace, home, school and play area. ALTA Integra also understands design integration between artificial lighting and daylight system.

Those will bring a best solution for people that is doing activities in the rooms and also effective for environment and performance.

A creative and accurate daylighting design can bring many benefit to all users such as increasing working productivity, academic performance, sports achievement, and many more activities.

Design target of integrating daylighting with architecture, facade, interior, and artificial lighting is to improve space beauty with light and shadow effect, high performance & healthy people and lowering energy usage.

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