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Why ALTA Integra Noise Control Consultation

  1. Improve the image of the company
  2. Comply to standard of Green Building, ISO 14001 and other standardizations.
  3. With Acoustics Computer Modeling Provide Accurate Value Engineering Data such as Predicted Noise Level and Construction Method and Cost for comprehensive decision making
  4. Increase the comfort and productivity
  5. Minimalize hearing loss risk, health issues that is caused by noise or reliance on noise protection
  6. Increasing value of property
  7. Minimize Unnecessary Cost and Time due to to Improper Design and Planning

Four Services ALTA Integra Noise Control Consultation

1. Building Noise Control

If you as an architect, developer, construction management, or owner that have a plan to build a building. You will need noise control consultation and design to provide room spaces with recommended noise level according to its function.

Or if you already have a building that has built but have noise problems such as machinery noise or any other noise. You will need noise control consultant to help you find the best solution.

Below is the list of noise problems of noise that can happen in a building can be :

  • Room to Room Noise leakage such as speech, machinery, sound-system and any other sound source.
  • Exterior Noise Leakage from outside building such as traffic noise and other noise.
  • mpact Noise Floors due to foot step or other moving objects on the floor.
  • Noise from machinery: generator set, compressor, chiller, AHU, or Sound System going out to neighbourhood.
  • Structure-borne Noise due to vibration such as railway, vehicle, machinery, sub-woofer, etc.
  • ALTA Integra is capable of counting elements of the building structure that functions as a noise deliverer.
  • ALTA Integra will give various solutions that is available that can be picked based on the threshold of the noise that is wanted and the budget that is available. ALTA Integra will provide value engineering data of two or three design solutions based on level noise achievement and its estimation cost.

2. HVAC Noise Control

Noise that is caused by HVAC equipment can sometimes be unthinkable from the start. Noise due to HVAC will create discomfort for people inside the building and it will reduce productivity. Every owner of the property have the want to give their best service towards the tenant of the building by making sure that sound pollution won’t affect the work, environment, or neighboring building.

ALTA Integra HVAC noise control have experience in helping MEP Consultant-Contractor and its owners of property in designing HVAC system so that noise that is produced is fulfilled as target design. Aside from that, ALTA Integra HVAC Noise Control Team also have worked together with many HVAC vendor, HVAC engineering and building maintenance to solve problems that is caused by faulty design.

  • ALTA Integra is capable of counting HVAC design elements that can trigger an increase levels of noise starting from: Compressor, Blower, Chiller, AHU, Ducting, Diffuser and many more.
  • ALTA Integra will provide value engineering data of two or three design solutions based on level noise achievement and its estimation cost.

3. Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control is not just a mere issue. Industrial noise control can affect many people or environment. Factory or Industry management have the responsibility to ensure sound pollution does not affect the health of the workers and bother the environment.

ALTA Integra team sometimes work with the department of Health Safety Environment and production management to :

  • Identify the source of noise that can cause hearing loss or can cause health problems.
  • Assess the risks of noise that is tied with decreasing productivity or accidents.
  • Make a working simulation to know the source of noise.
  • Review the planning and execution of industrial noise control.

The ALTA Integra team works together with planners and production management to solve their industrial noise problems that is caused by production equipment. Production equipment that triggers the increase levels of noise, in general: production machine, compressor, blower, pump machine, air handling unit, and many more.

  • LTA Integra Noise Control will select a choice in controlling noise that is available for accommodation based on the needs and budget that is available.
  • ALTA Integra will provide value engineering data of two or three design solutions based on level noise achievement and its estimation cost.

Enviromental Noise Control

Environment noise is a noise from a nearby settlement that causes by production, transportation or other activities. Environment noise is caused by production activity that usually happen because of the growth of the settlement’s industrial area or the opposite. Noise of transportation usually surrounds air transportation, trains and roadways. While noise of other activities can be entertainment or religious structure that uses sound system with a high volume.

ALTA Integra Environmental Noise Control have specialization and experience in measuring noise and vibrations in the field, observation and analyze problems, solutions in controlling noise, modelling, and computer simulation of environmental noise before and after the solution.

Environmental Noise Consultation Services of ALTA Integra includes: Field Noise and Vibration Measurements, Acoustical Surveys, Noise Assessments and Impact Studies, Traffic and Stationary Source Noise Measurement, Iso-auditory Mapping, Mitigation Design, Environmental Approvals, Permitting and Acoustical Audits.

ALTA Integra Noise Control Work Phase:


  • Discuss Target Design and Problem
  • Study Environment and Community Condition, Architectural Structure, Sound Source Equipment, Risk and Health Risk cause by Noise, Working Procedure and Behaviour, Regulation and Standard.
  • Noise Measurement
  • Data and Problem Analysis
  • Define Consultation Objective and Concept Design


  • Computer Aided Noise Modelling and Simulation
  • Problem Analysis and Looking for Best Noise-Vibration Reduction Design
  • Running Several Simulation for Optimal Noise Reduction
  • Design Coordination
  • Design Recommendation


  • Noise Measurement
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Final Documentation Reports

If there’s care in ensuring comfort for the users of the building and the society that is around the building, maybe you too need consultations of noise predictions for the building.


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