Making a better world by integrating building physics engineering design

We believe that human’s mind and body are shaped by the world they work and live in. Therefore, making a better world will also shape a better human future.

Our design philosophy is to integrate architecture and building physics engineering design to meet human’s perception of aesthetic, high performance, productive and comfortable space with sustainable green energy. We help our client, architect, and other engineers and designers in analyzing and solving their complex challenges – start from brainstorming ideas and design research until it is built as planned.

ALTA Integra is an integrated multi-discipline engineering design consultant, such as architecture, acoustics, lighting, thermal, air quality, audio-video, and smart technology, that has mutual spirit and objective. Based on the knowledge, experience, and ability of each discipline, we cooperate as one in a high value of work ethics. ALTA Integra has solved hundreds of complex engineering challenges as well as lots of prestigious projects since established in 2005 due to our understanding of engineering as a connection between human and nature-environment.

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