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ALTA Integra Home Karaoke Design and Build

“You will be the next Family Idol”

A good home karaoke is a room where we can do karaoke with a comfortable atmosphere and fun. To create a comfortable karaoke room, you need good acoustics, lighting and interior design.

If the karaoke room has good quality acoustics, therefore the listener will feel sound, music and vocal that is more structured, tunable and comfortable in the ear, so that the singer can sing better and with confidence.

The second most important thing is the configuration of lighting that makes everyone comfortable but still eager. Lighting design that is not too bright for the eyes and the monitor so that It can be read with clarity.

The third aspect is the correct seating position, monitor screen, speaker position and subwoofer that is supported with interior design that is aesthetically pleasing.

ALTA Integra Home Karaoke Design and Build Method

  • Acoustics Design: Room ratio, right seating position, the use of material and acoustic panels that is correct, prediction the need of soundproofing.
  • Lighting Design: Lighting ratio of the screen, the room and the ambience lighting
  • Interior Design: themes, colors, decorative and furniture that is harmonized.
  • Audio Video Design: speaker and subwoofer position, levels of lighting of the screen, the distance of the projector and the screen

The Benefits of ALTA Integra Home Karaoke Design and Build

  • Comprehensive Design that takes the parameter of acoustics, lighting and the available audio video equipment into an account
  • Room design that pays attention to aspect of Beauty, comfort, security, health and treatment.
  • Supported by master degree consultants that takes acoustics, lighting, and architecture.
  • Saves time and costs that happens due to faulty design.


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