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ALTA Integra Professional Music Studio Design and Build

“Studio that creates stars”

Professional Music Studio is made up from a few room that has a specific function

1. Studio Area: Activities in this room are creating, arranging, practicing, and recording. There are 2 different types of studio which are live studio and isolated booth






2. Control Room : Activities in this room are usually doing recording process, editing, mixing and mastering.

Studio with a big working capacity usually have rooms for editing and mastering. Every room has to be supported with a high qality of acoustic and a correct room layout. Aside from the choice of decorations and furniture that is appropriate, a correct lighting can help creativity process and productivity.

ALTA Integra Professional Music Studio Design and Build Design is designed by consultants that is highly skilled in acoustics calculation and lighting that is accurate with the stunning interior design.






Alta Integra Method of Work Professional Music Studio Design and Build

  1. Acoustics Design: Room ratio, music equipment position together with speaker monitor, calculation of acoustics and panel that is accurate, and prediction the needs of soundproofing.
  2. Lighting Design: Intensity and lighting color, types of lightbulbs, and lighting positions.
  3. Interior Design: Theme, color, decorative and harmonizing furnitures.
  4. Digital Audio WorkStation Design: Speaker monitor position together with subwoofer, and operator position.
  5. Music Instrument Design: Music Equipment Configuration, music instrument placements, speaker monitor placements.

Benefits of Alta Integra Professional Music Studio Design and Build

  1. Comprehensive design giving the maximum room performance because it is created the interaction that is harmonized between the player, the instrument, and the music studio.
  2. Saves time and cost that arises due to faulty design.
  3. Optimizes room usage, beauty, comfort, and the enjoyment of playing music and creating.


Please contact us for consultations:

ALTA Integra

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2 R – S
Jakarta Pusat, 10210
Telp: 021 3513351
Fax: 021 3458143

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