Thermal Energy Modelling

We believe that..

human’s mind and body are shaped by the built environment they work and live in. Therefore, making a better built environment will also shape a better human future.


ALTA Integra is an integrated multi-discipline engineering design consultant, including architecture, acoustics, lighting, thermal, air quality, audiovisual and smart technology.

Our Thermal Engineers Team focus in create thermal comfort built-environment with human centered tactile sensory experiences.

While develop schematic design and energy modelling to meet your corporate ESG goal for example net zero energy building  and/or net zero carbon building.

Highly Experienced

ALTA Integra has succeeded designed  hundreds of complex engineering challenges as well as lots of prestigious projects due to our understanding of multi-discipline building physics engineering as a connection between human body and mind with nature.

Through years of experience in many projects, we have the leadership needed to collaborate with global design teams, owner, and contractors.

The collaboration is necessary to ensure that everything has built correctly from the onset of the preliminary design to project handover.


+ years

Helping communities improve well-being with our initiatives 


+ projects

Benefitting from our expertise

Integrative Sustainability

From the earliest design phase, we always brainstorm with all stakeholder and other discipline design team to develop seamless multi-discipline integration design.

We design built-environment with health and green concept such as minimizing negative impact to environment while improving brand reputation and return on investment.

To ensure every detail at the construction phase is built as planned, we cooperate with manufacturers, distributors, contractors, builders,  construction management and facility management.

Strength Points

Customizable Designs

Our programming and network designs accommodate what your users need, including a high level of automated and personalized control systems.

We create a single management platform that conforms to your space designs and room systems so that you can oversee your assets.

Powerful Analysis

Our team offers various methods to conceptualize, analyze, and determine the best solution that delivers on your goals.

We can perform sound and light intensity measurements, computer
modelings, audiovisual simulations, engineering calculations, and ergonomic calculations that strengthen our analysis.


Acoustic Audiovisual Lighting Thermal Design. St. Paulus Semarang Church

Acoustic Audiovisual Lighting Thermal Air Quality Design. Sport Hall Canisius College Jakarta

Acoustic Audiovisual Lighting Thermal Air Quality Design. Sport Hall Canisius College Jakarta

Data Collection

Preliminary Design

  • Climate
  • Dry Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Direct Solar
  • Diffuse Solar
  • Incident Ray
  • Sky Cover
  • Global Illuminance
  • Activity
  • Gender
  • Baju

Design Strategy

Concept Design

  • Building Orientation
  • Building Mass & Insulation
  • Facade
  • Cross Ventilation
  • Side Ventilation
  • Stack Ventilation
  • HVAC
  • Light
  • Equipment
  • Plumbing
  • Solar panel
  • Opening
  • Shading
  • Reflector
  • Facade

Thermal Prediction Software

ANSYS Fluent
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk CFD




Church of St. Paulus Semarang has a metal roof that will heat up inside the building. Therefore, a heat insulation design is needed to reduce the thermal load in the room as well as an air conditioning system design to enhance the thermal condition.


We calculated the cooling load according to the building specification (location, occupancy, material, ventilation, and equipment inside the room). After we know the cooling load, we recommend the insulation material and HVAC equipment and placement to achieve thermal comfort.