Special Lighting Engineering Design

Mixing Architecture and Lighting Design for Building Performance and Comfort

Design and Build Architecture of buildings when combined with appropriate lighting design will have a positive impact on building users and beautify the building.

The ALTA Integra lighting design team creates a sustainable and synergized design concept that is expressive in lighting.

The scope of work of lighting design influences each other with faade design, building thermal design, natural ventilation design, architecture, interior design, and others.

Lighting design at ALTA Integra has expertise in uniting the above elements to achieve architectural features that have high performance and comfort.

The scope of ALTA lighting design services are: Daylighting Design, Lighting Design, Architectural Lighting Design, Interior Lighting Design, Outdoor Lighting Design, General Lighting Design, Task Lighting Design, Ambient Lighting Design, Accent Lighting Design, Contextual Lighting Design, Special Lighting Design.


Daylighting Design

Daylighting lighting makes the room feel more spacious, full of energy and freshness and reduces energy consumption. Designing a room with daylighting lighting elements can beautify the room with a view of the environment and the quality of light that cannot be replaced with artificial light.

Creative and accurate natural lighting planning can increase work productivity, study quality, sports achievement, and other activities.
The goal of integrating natural lighting design with architectural designs of buildings, rooms, facades, acoustics, HVAC, and lights is to obtain the desired level of lighting, shadows, and other effects, with controlled room temperature to provide thermal comfort, and controlled noise to create a quiet room for work, study, rest, and so on.


Contextual Public Area Lighting Design

Contextual Lighting Design serves to guide and direct our attention, or serves to give the impression of location. Contextual Lighting makes the area lively with a feeling of security and comfort.
Unfortunately, there are too many mistakes in contextual lighting design that result in “light pollution” making the area glare and draining the use of energy (electricity).

ALTA Integra takes a thoughtful approach to Contextual Lighting Design in its plans to make lighting public places to work better for people. Lighting also has a functional and cultural role in urban renewal plans.