Audiovisual Media Technology Design

What We Do

Our acoustic design team provides services in architectural, building, industrial, and transportation acoustics.

We help clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics by guiding projects from conception and planning through design, construction, testing. and commissioning.


Our Design Goal

Our design goal is to provide great spaces to understand speech, communicate, collaborate, and/or enjoy performances.

With our designs, users can share content in real-time, anytime, from anywhere by using advanced conferencing, networked audivisual, and advanced visualization technologies.


Our Strong Points

an integrated multi-discipline engineering design consultant, including architecture, acoustics, lighting, thermal, air quality, audiovisual and smart technology.

Our Audiovisual Media Design Team focus in create high performance auditory, visual proprioceptive and vestibular sensory experiences.

Provide great spaces to understand speech, communicate, collaborate, and/or enjoy performances.

We believe that..

human’s mind and body are shaped by the built environment they work and live in. Therefore, our team focus to study and develop Equity Inclusive Audiovisual Media Design that every person feel involved with less distraction.

Our Strong Points

Customizable Designs

Our programming and network designs accommodate what your users need, including a high level of automated and personalized control systems. We create a single management platform that conforms to your space designs and room systems so that you can oversee your assets.

Powerful Analysis

Our team offers various methods to conceptualize, analyze, and determine the best solution that delivers on your goals. We can perform sound and light intensity measurements, computer modelings, audiovisual simulations, engineering calculations, and ergonomic calculations that strengthen our analysis.

Highly Experienced

ALTA Integra has succeeded designed  hundreds of complex engineering challenges as well as lots of prestigious projects due to our understanding of multi-discipline building physics engineering as a connection between human body and mind with nature.

Through years of experience in many projects, we have the leadership needed to collaborate with global design teams, owner, and contractors.

The collaboration is necessary to ensure that everything has built correctly from the onset of the preliminary design to project handover.


+ years

Helping communities improve well-being with our initiatives 


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Benefitting from our expertise

Our Expertise

As the owner, you want to bring people out of their homes so that they can enjoy and feel impressed with the events held in your venue.

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Visual Quality
  3. Speech Intelligibility

Those are the most critical aspects of designing audiovisual systems that can deliver a memorable experience for your guests.

Therefore, you need audiovisual systems that are capable of supporting the function of your venue. Some of these systems include sound systems, video walls, video streaming, and live broadcast.

ALTA Integra designs solutions that meet the requirements of large-scale or engineering-intensive audiovisual integration projects.

Our Scope of Service

  • Room Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement System Integration for State-of-the-Art Sound Quality
  • Microphone Configuration, Multiple Audio Source Inputs, and Mixing and Matrix Design
  • Camera Configuration, Multiple Video Source Inputs, and Mixing and Matrix Design
  • Visual Display Design for High-Quality Images and Comfortable Viewing
  • Upgradable and Scalable Audio-Video System Design, Content Distribution, and Network and Programming
  • Audio-Video Broadcast System
  • Public Address System
  • Staff Communication System

To accommodate your need to easily manage and control your audiovisual systems, we equip them with the next-level control systems. These enable you to find available rooms through your room management platform and activate them remotely in a second.

This platform also allows your technicians to quickly identify he technical issues so that the troubleshooting can be delivered immediately. It also saves energy as you can monitor and deactivate the audiovisual devices when they
are not being used from a remote location.

You also have the option to connect these audiovisual systems with other existing building automation systems into one centralized control system.

AV over IP

We offer audiovisual over internet protocol (AV over IP) technology that is more easier to scale and expand than the traditional analog audi visual infrastructure. It is a new way of transmitting audiovisual data digitally by using standard network equipment.

This technology has been growing at a pace and currently being part of the trends, especially in modern workplaces. AV over IP provides smooth connections to multiple devices. It is suitable for organizations that put concern on the comfort of their employees, like yours.

Our Scope of Service

  • Room management system
  • Wired and/or wireless multimedia presentation for meeting rooms & function rooms
  • Video conference system for huddle rooms, boardrooms, etc.
  • AV over IP technology for high-speed digital audiovisual signals
  • Customizable and easy-to-use control system for different levels of users.
  • Network-controlled video communications system for higher uptime.
  • Cloud-based platform for remotely manage and control audiovisual systems

Our professional talents design audio-video systems to create dynamic and collaborative environments for classrooms and training centers.

Our Scope of Service 

  • Interactive audiovisual devices and software designs to make class activities more engaging
  • Digital and analogue whiteboard designs to support active learning and to transfer ideas
  • Content management system designs to create, manage, and deliver learning contents at ease either live or on-demand to local and global communities
  • Communication system designs to collaborate with other schools or educational institutions
  • Online professional development platform designs supported by the most recent technologies

Dedicated to Your Needs

We dedicate ourselves to implementing the new audiovisual design that you are trying to achieve in your project. Through years of experience in many projects, we have the leadership needed to collaborate with other project team members.

The collaboration is necessary to ensure that everything has built correctly from the onset of the design stage to the testing and commissioning process. It also ensures that our solution will conform to your network structure and IT plans while maintaining security.