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Auditorium Hall

Performing Arts Hall Buildings

Integrating Design of Performing arts building

  1. Amazing experience from visitors
  2. comfort and productivity for the performer and the team management
  3. Preservation of art and culture of the nation
  4. Safety and secure

Philosophy Integrated Design Performing arts buildings

ALTA Philosophy design

In creating a performing arts building is a building that can display wide variety of taste in art that is shown by the artist that performs in that building.

In our pre-design phase, we do research so that the performing arts building can satisfy the performer, the viewers, but also the institution that builds the building. Integrated design ensures all elements of design is already integrated to achieve the maximum performance.

Element Integrated Design performing arts building:

  1. Architecture
  2. Interior Design
  3. Architectural acoustic
  4. Noise Control
  5. Lighting Design
  6. Daylighting Design
  7. Audio Video and Information Technology
  8. Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
  9. Building Thermal Insulation Performance
  10. Air Ventilation Design
  11. Energy Saving

ALTA Integra is always open to work together with Architects, Interior Design and Consultants to achieve a stunning Performing arts building.

Please contact us for consultations:

ALTA Integra

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2 R – S
Jakarta Pusat, 10210
Telp: 021 3513351
Fax: 021 3458143

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