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Acoustic Aspect Design on Sound Stage Studio, Scoring, Stage Studio, And Foley Stage Studio

The following is an Examples of studio recording to support film production.

A. Acoustic Design on Sound Stage Studio

Sound stage studio is a Blockbuster movie studio that is used to record moving images and sound but also to produce films indoors. Aspects of Architectural Acoustic of Sound Stage Studio is the whole surface of the walls and ceiling is installed with acoustic panels that has been calculated with precision. For the floorings it is usually covered with 4 to 6 inch (100 to 150mm) carpet made of absorbers.


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Aspects that are challenging in design Noise Control on Sound Stage Studios is to create the room as silent as possible with a low Noise Criteria (NC). For that, the methods of soundproofing needed to prevent noise from outside to enter the location of production is highly crucial. That noise includes: human activity, transportation, rain, and many other noise source. Sound Insulation System is used with the raised floor construction to prevent sound disruption caused by vehicle vibration from the road or other vibrations. Constructing structured wall with vibration dampener. Hanged ceiling structure that does not continue the vibration from the building structure and sound.

Aside from that, cooling units also one of the source of the noise on sound stage. Every equipment can usually be placed on the room or the top part of the soundstage and can be a bit hard to control the noise. One of the solution is to place the cooling units in a separate room, distancing diffusor cooling unit. Making a good ducting insulation system with structural design, good ducting, suspension that does not transfer any vibration, and layers ducting with soundproofing materials. . The goal is to minimize the vibration propagation caused by the cooling device in the sound stage construction structure.
Each access to the sound stage using the door soundproofing. In the sound stage, there is also a control room adjacent to the studio to facilitate the process of mixing and recording. Audio recording is done directly through a microphone that sends signals to a wireless receiver located in the same room, but is often spaced between 75-100 ft (23-30m).

B. Acoustic Design on Scoring Studio Stage

Scoring Stage Studio is a Studio to fill orchestral music on film production. In the Scoring Stage Studio, orchestra conductor or commonly known as composer, dealing with many music players and there is a large screen for movie or video playback. While doing so on a scoring stage, composers can listen through single headphones to review a song and also help in movie synchronization and scoring music process. The visual cues are also projected onto the screen in the scoring stage to mark the beginning or effect of tone transitions. Scoring Stage Studio is large, almost the size of a concert hall.


Example 01 Scoring Studio Abbey Road, London, England



Example 02 Scoring Studio Abbey Road, London, England

One excellent scoring stage among others is Studio 1 at Abbey Road Studios in London, shown in Figure 6. Its dimensions are 92.6 ft x 59.7 ft x 39.4 ft (28.2mx 16.1 mx 12.2 m) and its total volume is 218,000 ft3 ( 6172m3), about one-third of the Boston Symphony Hall area. On one side of the scoring stage, there is a large projection screen with the control room on the opposite side.

Lay Out Scoring Studio Abbey Road, London, England

The scoring stage is designed like a concert hall, but without the need for an audience. The floors are flat, while the walls and ceilings feature irregularly shaped surfaces for the purpose of diffusion. The echo calculation time on the scoring stage can be changed by using a curtain or acoustic panel. For movies, 5 – 8 microphones can be used to obtain surround signals and others may require 30 – 50 microphones for individual instrument groups, depending on the need. High ceilings on the scoring stage sometimes make it difficult for musicians to hear from each other, from 12 – 18 foldback channels available from the mix board to players (musicians) through headphones. The orchestra musicians can play on the scoring stage while sitting with visual contacts so the game can be arranged and can achieve a harmonious sound composition.
Because the sound stage size is smaller than the orchestra concert hall, musicians often can not play maximally as in their best performance on stage. As they play, indoor echoes, especially bass, can interfere with other sounds and lead to less clear recording. If the balance of the composition is corrected and the control room is well laid out, the sound engineer can mix and control the surround on the scoring stage. The echo characteristic of the scoring stage is the same as in the concert hall. Studio Abbey Road in London has an echo time frequency of 2.2 seconds. Somewhat up slightly at lower frequencies and fairly constant at higher frequencies.

C. Acoustic Design on Foley Stage Studio

Foley stage is a room used to manipulate sound with sound effect. The name Foley stage is taken from the name Jack Foley, an early pioneer of sound effects. Type Foley stage consists of dead room with some walls and ceiling covered with good quality sound absorbent material and hard surfaces with several holes every 3 to 4 square meters.
The sound recording process of the Foley Stage Studio artist films views the movie on screen on one wall and creates sound effects with hands, feet, and a variety of technical tools to produce the desired sound. For example the sound of hand slaps on the face, footsteps, sound of water when bathing in the shower, the sound of dishes clashing with cutlery and others.
Foley stage takes up space around the pits for microphones and props. Also, it is necessary to build a storage area of props on the wall with an absorbent panel mounted as a door. Meanwhile, the air space behind the panel can improve the absorption of bass sound.
Inside Foley stage, space for scratch tracks is available. Foley stage atmosphere should be more conducive compared to the recording space due to the influence of hotter mix of music so that the background noise more clearly radiated into the mixer.
Foley Stage Studio is less popular among the makers of sound effects because the acoustic characteristics of the recording studio are usually better than the Foley Stage Studio so that many people perform the recording process of special effects on the recording studio.acoustics_design_foley_stage

Acoustics Design Foley stage

D. Acoustic Design in Automatic Dialog Replacement Studio

Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) is the studio to record the dialogue after the filming is done. If possible, the filmmaker wants to use the original sound recorded during filming. However, background noise or technical problems can make this seem impossible. In the ADR stage, the actors re-record their sync section in the movie.
The ADR stage is mini sized and sometimes no larger than the size of the bathroom in general. A low-frequency echo becomes a concern. Most have a thickness of at least 2 “(52mm) panels on the wall.Because the replacement dialog also includes singing activity, usually the artist chooses a room that is not really quiet and with a bit volume of 2.4mx 3.7mx 2.7m. For sound recording sessions by adding sound absorbing panels around the actors Flutter echo problem in ADR is very important to note, it can be done by giving acoustics treatment on two parallel wall surfaces ADR stage must have echo time and frequency characteristics are evenly distributed. Portable acoustic panels can also be set up to help vary the acoustic characteristics of space in the ADR.


Example of Automatic Dialogue Replacement Studio


Source: Acoustics Today Magazine April 2013 edition
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