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Acoustic Design Consultation Services

Our acoustic design team provides services in architectural, building, industrial and transportation acoustics. We help clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics by guiding projects from conception and planning through design, construction, testing and commissioning.

The starting points from which we address each and every project are always focusing on the user’s psychoacoustic preferences and their needs. We then develop the planning fundamentals based on these determining factors. This does not mean, however, that only the optimization of objective acoustic criteria, such as ideal reverberation times, is important.

At design phase we always consider technical factors coming from other discipline like architect, interior, lighting, mechanical-electrical and so-on. To ensure every detail work at the construction phase is built as planned we elaborate with manufacturer, distributor, construction management, project management and contractor or builder.

Provide excellent sound quality, speech intelligibility and well-being acoustic space

architectural acoustic engineering consultant

Architectural acoustic, noise control and interior design

noise vibration control engineering consultant

Architectural acoustic and noise control. MD Pictures


architecture building physic engineering consultant

Architectural acoustic, noise control, interior design and audio video integration

a city – not only by providing space for an event but as architectural symbols themselves. Theatre, concerts, operas, musicals, films, live music and clubs, all demand spaces in which to be effectively presented, spaces which determine not only the visual but also the acoustic quality of such live experiences.

Sound Production Facility is a part of important aspects that makes creative content in this digital era – acoustic quality is a must in this facility. Movie, Stage, Music, Foley and Dubbing Studio need flexible acoustic space to create and record different kind of sound.

Sound Reproduction Critical listening rooms need a natural acoustic ambient – while integrate seamlessly with interior design and AV technology will create personal statement of the owner. Good acoustic in Control Room of Music-Movie-TV Studio will improve sound production quality while in Home Theater, Private Listening Music Room and etc will give real sound experience.

engineering design consultant services

Architectural acoustic and noise control. Kino Office

Architectural acoustic and daylight integration design. Canisius College

The perception of sound is one of the most important factors for people to interact with each other. Acoustic together with Interior design and AV technology integration will enhance interpretation in communicate thought. Speech Intelligibility and Speech Privacy in worship, lectures, conference, exhibition, open plan office and meeting room will improve productivity and understanding.

Our Acoustic Design Team is strongly prepared to meet acoustic criteria and associated credit points of Sustainable and Wellbeing Design. We acoustically optimize the air vents to allow the natural ventilation comes into buildings without allowing the unwelcome street or background noise to infiltrate. Our acoustic optimization integrate with lighting and daylighting design to create productive space.


We design environments acoustically to minimise the unwanted effects of noise-vibration to enhance urban and commercial life

Architectural acoustic, noise control and audio video integration. Park Royale Hotel, Sentul

Industrial and environmental noise control. Pertamina Gas, Palembang

Building and environment noise control. Enso Hotel, Bekasi

We analyse building design and recommend acoustic design to control noise transfer between adjacent spaces. We also work closely with building services engineers in sound-sensitive environments to minimise noise intrusion from alternative technologies for heating and cooling. Analysing and giving recommendation design to minimise structural vibration levels and isolate vibration sensitive equipment.


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Design measures to mitigate the industrial to environmental noise emissions of mechanical and electrical at nearby noise sensitive locations, such as residential areas. Identifying the level of industrial noise reduction required by noise treatment (i.e. industrial acoustic enclosures, industrial sound absorbing panels) in order to comply with project’s noise criteria.

3D modelling to predict transportation to environmental noise emissions and develop the design of noise control solutions.

Acoustic modelling of a new and upgraded mass transportation facility such as train, airplane, etc. to predict noise levels at nearby sensitive receptors. Developing noise barrier design (noise walls, sound barriers, acoustic fences) to control the transportation facility noise emissions toward sensitive receptors.

Noise monitoring to determine levels experienced at sensitive receptors (i.e. residential dwellings, educational facilities, etc.) within a close proximity to an existing or proposed transportation design.

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