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ALTA Integra Home Theater Design and Build Mr VJ

Interior design, acoustics, lighting, audio-video and automation for High Performance Spaces

Interior Design, Acoustic Room Design, Lighting Design, Electrical Design, Design Coordination with Audio Video and Automation. The work begins at the pre-design stage, which begins by exchanging ideas about the Style of Room Functions, Interior Design, and Audio Video Automation Technology that will be applied in the room. From the results of the brainstorming, it produces Pre-Design Concepts in the draft preview image in 3D space, schematic layout of the room, concept and objectives of acoustic design, concept and design of targeted lighting, schematic of audio-video equipment.

Premium Experience

After that proceed to the design-development stage which begins with the calculation and Positioning of Audio Video Equipment in the room so that the loudness and light level of the image are optimal. This is followed by Acoustic Design. To ensure proper paired acoustic modeling and simulation, Architectural Acoustics was carried out using EASE software and other acoustic software. Then proceed to the development of the Lighting Design room.

Flexible, future-proof design

The lighting design is made in 4 Presets to accommodate 4 activities carried out in the room. Presets for watching Home Theater, presets for Karaoke, presets for playing games and presets for cleaning and room maintenance. Each preset determines the type and position of the lamp. To ensure that proper lighting levels and shades are appropriate for lighting modeling and simulation using DIALux software.

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