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Alta Integra Wins Design Competition for Mandiri University

Jakarta, Indonesia. Alta Integra Wins Design Competition for Mandiri University.


ASEAN Economic Community offers an opportunity for local companies to expand their markets in the entire ASEAN region supported with free movement of goods, services, and investments. With a population of more than 600 million people, this region could be a promising market. However, without sufficient human capital, this could be a threat to our local companies.

With a dream to be a prominent bank in the ASEAN region, Mandiri Bank has been taking significant action to build its professional development. They believe that life-long learning and development are critical in preparing highly capable bankers and great leaders in this new business ecosystem. To support that mission, they are establishing a new Mandiri University on a 4-acre land in their Wijaya Kusuma Complex, West Jakarta. This university was designed by Duta Cermat Mandiri (DCM), the local partner of an Australian architecture firm, Denton Corker Marshall. Themed as a green building, Mandiri University implements a stringent design to minimize the use of energy and water.

At the end of 2017, Mandiri Bank held a design competition to search for an acoustic, audio-video, and lighting consultant for this new university project. Competing with Singaporean and other Indonesian top-notch consultants, Alta Integra has successfully come out on top.

Some of our designs …

Facade Lighting Design
Branding × Urban Icon

Our team proposed a communicative facade lighting solution that presents the brand expression of Mandiri Bank.

Equipped with a dynamic linear control system, the facade lighting design resembles a golden liquid that is continuously flowing inward. It conveys a message that continuous learning has been part of the corporate culture of Mandiri Bank.

This lighting will highlight the architectural masterwork that was planned to become an iconic landmark in the urban nightscape of West Jakarta.

Lecture Hall
Advanced Classroom

In our audio-visual design proposal, the lecture hall features smart glass technology whose opacity can be switched electrically. It offers dual functionality, i.e., as a window or a projector screen. When it is being used as a screen, the glass will fade from transparent to opaque in a second.

The audio-visual system is also well-integrated with the lighting control to automatically reduce the luminous intensity when the projector is running.

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