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Press Release: Park Royal Hotel Rainbow Hills appoint ALTA Integra as an Architectural Acoustic Consultant

Park Royal Hotel Rainbow Hills Sentul Background

Park Royal Hotel is a brand of Operator hotel chain under the flag of Pan Pacific Hotels Group. While Pan pacific group is a daughter company of UOL Group Limited Singapore, is where UOL is a part of a hotel company chain and the biggest developers of property in Singapore.

Rainbow Hills is a settlement with a nuance of a resort that is located in Sentul. Working together with Pan Pacific Hotels Group, they open a 4 star hotel resort under the flag Park Royal Hotel.


Park Royal Hotel Rainbow Hills Sentul


Lobby Pan Pacific Hotels

The Target and The Work Cycle of Architectural Acoustic Consultations

There’s a ballroom and 9  meeting room in Royal Park Hotel that is going to get a an Architectural Acoustic Consultation treatment. They want to reach the maximum acoustic quality. The target that is specified for a room that is meant for speech is 75 SPC. SPC is an abbreviation of Speech Privacy Class that is defined as a number of noises from the position of leakage that is potentially happening from outside the room. Besides SPC, it is also targeted for the quality of STI (Speech Transmission Index) and C80 (Music Sound Quality) so that the Ballroom and Meeting Room can function and good for speech or music.


Ballroom Preview


Meeting Room Preview

Working Target of Architectural Acoustic Consultant

To maintain quality of the hotel, they appoint ALTA Integra as an architectural acoustic consultant for the ball room and meeting room. The target and the point of architectural acoustic consultation that has reached an agreement is none other than:

  1. Reach an acoustic standard based on the technical manual PPHG
  2. Reach an procedural working standard
  3. Reach a standardization of making documentation
  4. Doing coordination design with interior design
  5. Doing coordination design with video system integrator

Until this article is published, This project is in the state of development.


Client/Owner: PT Bahana Bukit Pelangi
Architecture Consultant: PT KIAT Architects
Interior Designer: Kalandara Design Studio, BLINK Design Group
Structure Consultant: PT Perkasa Carista Estetika
M&E Consultant: PT Meinhardt Indonesia, PT MELTECH Consultindo Nusa
Quantity Surveyor: PT Cipta Adhirajasa
Acoustics & Noise Control Consultant: ALTA Integra
AV Consultant: VOKUZcom

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