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Architectural Acoustics Consultation on Gereja Theresia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Gereja Theresia

Context of the Problem. The Theresia Church is in the middle of a big renovation in efforts of building maintenance. Aside from that, The Theresia Church also did an acoustic treatment and want to fix the audio quality for the activities. With the available audio setup, the church wants to increase the comfort of the sound so that the people can follow the mass more fervently. At the end of the year 2014, the church contacted us (ALTA Integra) to do consultation. There are some acoustical problems in the church. So they feel there’s a need to review their architectural acoustic. As follows are a few problems that arise within the Church of Theresia : There’s a complaint from one of the people who attend the mass for some speech of the priest cannot be heard from the seat. Have not fully utilize the use of existing speakers to get the audio quality that will be better. The sound of the choir does not give a “wow” feeling in the mass and there’s a plan to move the choir to the balcony. There is no technical documentation surrounding the acoustic and audio design.

Project Highlight

Working target of ALTA Integra on Gereja Theresia
Parameter analysis of the acoustics after renovation
A fix in the audio quality with the existing equipment.
Alternatives of fixing the audio quality by upgrading audio system
Fix the quality of the church’s acoustic

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