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Press Release: Architectural Acoustics Design Function Hall Mandiri Club – Mandiri Bank

The Mandiri Bank Indonesia is planning to renovate Mandiri Club – Plaza Mandiri building that is located in Mataram Street 1 No.3 Southern Jakarta. On the second floor, there’s a function room that is planned to be used for events for VIP partners. The function room is to be used for many other events such as seminars, gala dinner, multimedia presentation and Live Acoustic Music.

PT. Studio-T Transintrasia as a project planner has appointed ALTA Integra as an acoustic consultant for the Function Hall The Mandiri Bank Indonesia Project.


Preview 3D Function Room Mandiri Club

The work of Architectural Acoustics are done with modelling and simulation software EASE on an interior design that is made for evaluation of Parameter Architectural Acoustics as follows:

  1. Sound Pressure Level
  2. Reverberation Time
  3. Clarity
  4. Speech Transmission Index
  5. Bass Ratio

Then we give design recommendation of architectural acoustic that coalesce beautifully with the existing interior design to achieve the acoustic quality with the beauty of the room.

Planner team of Mandiri Club Function room are:

  1. Studio T – Architect Primary Planner
  2. ALTA Integra – Acoustics & Noise Control Consultant
  3. VOKUZcom – Audio Video System Integrator

That’s all for the Architectural Acoustic Design for the Mandiri Bank building Function hall press release. To get more information about Architectural Acoustics Function Hall consultation please fill the form below or contact us through:

ALTA Integra

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2 R – S
Jakarta Pusat, 10120
Telp: 021 351 3 351
Fax: 021 345 8 143

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