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Best Acoustic Design Music Recording Studio MD

Music Recording Studio

MD Entertainment has built a new office on Jl. 1 Setiabudi, Kuningan, South Jakarta. The move to the new building was followed by all MD Music work divisions, including the MD Music work unit chaired by Mr. Manoj Punjabi. To fulfill this production capacity, the company is building the best new recording studio in Indonesia at the MD Place building located in Kuningan, South Jakarta. To build this recording studio, MD Music entrusted us with ALTA Integra from the design concept to the execution.

Project Highlight

Problem Analysis and Solution Design for Acoustic MD Music Recording Studio

Premium Experience

In the period of August 2013, Mr. Manoj Punjabi discussed the need for the construction of one of the best recording studios in Indonesia which will be placed in a new building. The criteria for the best recording studio he wanted only included sound insulation, acoustic treatment rooms, and indoor interior design. In this case, we answered all the challenges given by Mr. Manoj Punjabi. It begins with a discussion of room requirements. The rooms needed are sound lock, control room, take room, editing room, server room. Then calculate the NC value in the take room and control room. We worked hard to achieve optimal soundproofing of NC 35 to the take room and NC 36 to the control room.

Flexible, future-proof design

Like the take room (a room for recording vocals or musical instruments), in this room we design the dimensions of the room so that it is not parallel to the wall. In addition, we plan acoustic treatment to be as natural as possible to create a balanced room frequency response between low and high frequencies. The goal is that the sound produced by all instruments can be recorded closer to the original sound. The sound quality in this room can reach an optimal value. The interior design of the room itself was inspired and conceptualized from the basic idea of ​​Mr. Manoj Punjabi who wanted a simple room, but still seemed elegant, luxurious and elegant. With this basic idea, we tried to interpret it into a modern design with a classic style.




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