Consultation to Solve Sound Speaker Leakage Using Noise Control on Nebula Club

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Context Behind Sound SpeakerLeakage Control Consultancy

The period mid-2013, the owner of Nebula Nebula Club plans to develop a club located in the area Blitz, Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. The beat on Nebula Club subwoofer has speaker sound leakage risks that would interfere with the activity in the Blitz Megaplex Area, Central Park Mall. To avoid problems, speakers sound leakage to the area Blitz, Nebula Club owner contacted us to ask us to become a consultant for noise control in the project. Our rapid response welcomed the request by visiting the project site and discussions with the relevant parties. Steps to be taken by Nebula Club is already fairly precise, namely consultation noise control.

The selection of the eventual solution is made to the management issues speaker sound leakage. After discussion with the Central Park building management, Blitz management, and project leaders Nebula Club, all agreed on the target of the leak sound in every studio is under 45 dB. Whereas, for the common areas (Blitz lobby) refers to the noise levels required by the government based on the Ministry of Environment No. 48 of 1996 for the category of trade and services.

Consultation Methods for Noise Control To solve Speaker Leakage

The main problem based on our hypothesis is that the speakers sound leakage into the room cinema through the building structure or term is the acoustic structure borne noise. For that, need to be analyzed vibration propagation paths as well as the amount of leakage caused. Here is the method of consultation to address leakage and noise control sound speaker Nebula Club.

  1. Measure the noise level in the area of the sound source and Blitz area.
  2. Create a Hypothesis vibration propagation path from sound source to the location is disrupted.
  3. Do a review and survey of the civilian planning and interior.
  4. Designing soundproofing and vibration damping and sound attenuation estimation.
  5. Supervise the work.
  6. Sound level measurements after implementation.

Consultation Supervision to Solve Leakage Noise Control Sound Speaker

  1. Installation of Perimeter
    In general, the installation of perimeter around the meeting walls / columns and floors are already well on the recommendations.

2. Making Frame for Floor Insulation
In general, the process of making the framework of the floor insulation has been as instructed. In some places, there is an error in which the iron frame is not pressed on the perimeter or in order that one with another too tenuous. It may lead to leakage of vibration.

3. Floor insulation foundation
Most of the floor is casted. Mistakes in some places previously been repaired in this phase.


4. Making Frame Wall Insulation
Making order for the insulation of walls has been done properly according to the instructions and the quality of work that is pretty neat.

5. Wall insulation
Most of the walls have been insulated with a nice, neat, and filled from floor to ceiling DAK. However, there are few places that still left a little gap at the junction between wall insulation to the ceiling. It may reduce the effectiveness of insulation.

Consultation Conclusions Addressing Leak Noise Control Sound Speaker

  1. In general, the process of insulation is good, but there are still some parts that work with less than perfect so as to reduce the insulation performance.
  2. After the implementation of insulation, noise significant decrease, recorded at a frequency of 63Hz noise decreased by an average of 33dB.
  3. Because the work with short deadlines,  soundproofing panel that is less good, there was a target to reduce sound leakage slightly below the expected.
  4. In the corridor area Blitz, flanking noise occurs due to the installation of gypsum on walls, ceilings, and the installation of air-conditioning grill Blitz unfavorable.
  5. Fused AC ducting between the Nebula Blitz Club and cause leakage speaker sound into the hall and Auditorium Blitz.

Nebula Club

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