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40% Discount Promo for Architectural Acoustics Consultation for Houses of Worship


In everyday praying in the house together, we might have felt or get a few things or the following issues:
1. Obscurity voice articulation (lecture and prayer) in the room.
2. The clarity of the sound of music or conversation in a particular area are barely audible.
3. The clarity of the sound of music or conversation interrupted by problems with room acoustics for their echo and reverberation in the room.
4. When using many irregularly speaker, the speaker can be heard overlaps or buzzing.

These things can interfere with the absorption of us in worship and causing a lecture or spiritual messages delivered by our worship leaders become less clear. It is very unfortunate given the importance of the speech or the messages are for ourselves and also our brothers in time of pilgrimage together.

In helping to overcome these problems we ALTA Integra has architectural acoustic consulting services. Architectural acoustics is the science techniques to achieve good sound level (ideal) in a building or a room. We use sophisticated simulation software to measure and define the parameters of acoustic and sound system design in a building or a room.

Examples of Architectural Acoustics Simulation


The advantage of using consulting services are saving time and costs by avoiding arrangement or workmanship repeatedly. And the most important voices of lectures and prayers of our worship leaders can clearly audible to every house of worship desired area. The sound of music or conversation coming out of the speakers can be more clearly heard in the absence of echoes and reverberations from within a building or a room.

On this occasion, we ALTA Integra provide 40% Discount Promo for architectural acoustics consultancy services in houses of worship. This special offer applies to all houses of worship in Indonesia. Promo period lasted from June to December 2015. Increase the clarity of speech in the house of worship.

To find out more about the architectural acoustic consulting services, please read here.

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