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DBS Indonesia: Where Audio-Video and Acoustic Technologies are Essential in Workspace

Work Space

In this project, M. Moser Associates, one of the leading architectural firms in Singapore, partnered with CDA International as their partner in Indonesia. They are both the artists behind every detail and concept of interior design designed for DBS Indonesia. Alta Integra collaborated with CDA International to revisit the acoustic elements in the interior design. We were also entrusted with applying acoustic and audio-video technologies to achieve the expected design targets.

Project Highlight

Meeting room. To communicate with the head office in Singapore and other branches, DBS Indonesia relies on video-conferencing technology, Cisco Webex. The device is equipped with a touch screen and a simple but practical user interface. We designed a harmonious integration between the audio system and the interior of the room.
Private Office Space. For private office spaces, our team also applies the same acoustic technology as meeting rooms. This workspace is wrapped with the latest materials to provide high sound insulation performance but with a thinner dimension. Therefore, this material does not take up much space without compromising its ability to block sound waves.
Open Office Space. It is the right choice for a company to accommodate the acoustic needs of each area with different functions. We propose three different zones to classify workspaces based on their use, namely concentration, collaboration, and gathering zones.
Telemarketing Room. Our engineer team makes modeling and simulations to predict the distraction distance resulting from the proposed ceiling panel design and noise barrier.
Hall. The hall is specially designed to facilitate some of the company’s major activities, such as annual events, seminars and large presentations. There are tables and chairs arranged in a cabaret style and terraced seating at the back of the hall. Our team installs state-of-the-art audio-video equipment to ensure easy-to-use results.

Premium Experience

In an effort to expand their workspace capacity, 4 floors in Capital Place and 1 floor in DBS Bank Tower will become new homes for several DBS Indonesia employees. The space elevates the style of an open office space to support employee flexibility in socializing and working together. Thus, it is hoped that this strategy will encourage the creation of a collaborative and inspiring work environment. Some enclosed spaces are specially designed to accommodate some more confidential activities, such as meetings and video-conferencing.

Comfort and Wellness




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