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Design & Building Pacific Cafe Jakarta

Pacific Cafe Jakarta

Pacific Café is one of the cafes with a night club nuance in the Jakarta Tanjung Priok-North Jakarta area. At the end of 2014, the Pacific Cafe appointed ALTA Integra as a consultant and contractor to work on the design and construction of the Pacific Cafe. As for some wishes by the Pacific Cafe, which includes work on sound insulation, room acoustic treatment, and interior design in the room.
Design Pasifik Cafe Jakarta
Design Pasifik Cafe Jakarta

Project Highlight

Designing a cafe room with the nuances of the Pacific Ocean.
Sound insulation of the café room so as not to disturb neighbors.
Improve indoor sound quality by performing indoor acoustic treatment.
Design Pasifik Cafe Jakarta
Pembersihan Site Disekitar Cafe
Pembersihan Site Dalam Ruangan Cafe

Premium Experience

Stages of Work: 1. Acoustic Design Consulting As a first step we carry out calculations and design analysis as follows: A. Acoustics Design Consultation Define Acoustics Parameter – Regulation and Standardization Acoustics Measurement Data Analysis and Calculation Acoustics Recommendation Design Solution Simulation Acoustics Technical Draw and BQ Consultation Reports B. Interior Design Consultation Define Interior Design Criteria 3D preview Technical and ME Drawing Bill of Quantity 2. Interior Design We designed the interior of the Pacific Café with the concept of the Pacific Ocean, symbolized by the shape of the waves on the walls, the sun shining on the ocean, a map of the Pacific Ocean on the ceiling and a table in the shape of barrels. Seen in the image below, the feel of the Pacific Ocean is getting thicker with the design we made.
Pengerjaan Interior Bar Tender

Flexible, future-proof design

3. Insulation and construction works For the room insulation process, we carry out several stages as follows: – Cleaning of indoor and outdoor site areas. – Installing wall and ceiling insulation frames. – Installation of insulation materials. – Insulation closing and insulation finishing. – Cleaning the room as the basis of the interior.
Penutupan Insulasi Dan Finishing Insulasi




Completion Date


Tanjung Priok - Jakarta Utara


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