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Harmonie Gastropub: Well-Integrated Building Physics in Modern Colonial Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

Traveling Back to Dutch Colonial Era. A new upscale eatery, Harmonie Gastropub–often shorten as HGP, has opened inside HXC Mall in Jakarta since 2018. It is located near the busiest city-bus-transit center in Jakarta, Harmoni Interchange. The owners wanted to bring back the neoclassical goldish design of the now-demolished elite social club, Societeit Harmonie. It was the oldest European clubhouse in Asia before it was torn down for road expansion in 1985. Alta Integra’s multidisciplinary team was trusted to deliver an integrated restaurant design, including the interior, lighting, audio-video, and all building engineering aspects, such as plumbing and electrical elements. The restaurant design should also play as a ‘time machine’ that sends the guests back to the story where the clubhouse was still glorious. Harmonie Gastropub offers a throwback to the history of Dutch influence in the Indonesian architecture. HGP serves the most exclusive gastronomic delights with Indonesian cuisine as the main gourmet meal to remind us of the fusion of two disparate cultures. The Western motif is prominently shown in the restaurant design packed with upscale furniture to celebrate the hedonism of Jakarta.

Project Highlight

Lighting Brings Festive Cheer in Terrace. HGP also offers the guests a cityscape view of the bustling Hayam Wuruk Street at the terrace. Our lighting designers brought the festive vibe by arranging incandescent light bulbs over the traditional wood patio table sets. At day time, the low parapet design of this outdoor area lets daylight illuminate the space naturally. While at night, the light bulbs glow dimly, adding a cheerful mood to the atmosphere. A small stage, available for showcasing exceptional local talents, will accompany evening-outs at the restaurant. Our audio engineers also employed a high-end sound system to deliver outstanding music quality to the guests.
Adding Elegant Vibe to VIP Room. The VIP room is strategically chosen by our interior designers to offer the best view of the outdoor and indoor area. The guests can observe two unique restaurant lighting designs from inside the room. Our lighting designers hanged an ornate crystal chandelier featuring eight tubular arms–each of them supporting a candelabrum-base bulb–over a large wood banquet table. This light fixture is undoubtedly an expert on lending a touch of luxurious charm to the room concept. To add a more dramatic ambiance to the room interior, two candle trees were set on the table. The candlelight, refracted by the antique glass vases, creates a beautiful shining effect around the floral centerpieces.

Premium Experience

Warm Welcome from Coffee Lounge. A Greek-temple-style entrance will welcome each patron with the nostalgic feel of old antique buildings in the colonial era. This restaurant entrance emulates that of Societeit Harmonie with the name of the restaurant emblazoning the triangular tympanum. Two uplights were used to put dramatic light effects on both doorway columns. Right after the entryway, a quick-lunch-style lounge with a series of white square plywood-made tables is awaiting the patrons. Our lighting designers put rustic bronze pendants, dripping in chains atop the table, to provide a more intimate ambiance. The white color of the tables and chairs, illuminated by the warm restaurant lighting, gives a goldish effect among the dominating black interior. This effect further bolsters the stylish vintage look of the establishment. Along the wall, dining booths with black upholstered seats are also available for customers who opt for a more relaxed alternative.

Flexible, future-proof design

Bar: Contemporary Twist on Classic Design. Besides the main dining area, a midcentury-modern-style bar was set up to please guests with a variety of liquours. Over the dining table, pinhole LED downlights that feature small apertures were attached to provide a more dramatic impression. An upscale bar’s decor seems incomplete without the presence of a chic fireplace. That’s why our lighting designers paired the bottle rack, displayed right across the bar table, with an onyx electric fireplace. The yellowish-red light from the artificial flame is refracted beautifully by the sets of bottles in front of them. It gives a stunning glowing effect to the bar.




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