Healthy Building Advisory & Certification

WELL Building Standard  Education Certification Service Consultant

Putting people in the center of your building design will improve business resiliences through climate and social change. Since the pandemic has sparked increasing changes to building design, operation and maintenance, it’s becoming more apparent that existing strategies are not sufficient to provide a healthy working and living environment for building users.

There is a need for greater adaptability and innovation in building design, as well as implementing better management policies in workplaces; from providing ergonomic equipment and good acoustic workspace, to facilities to exercise, eat and take regular breaks. Current expectations extend beyond purely functional space to designs that are flexible, sustainable and healthy.

WHAT is WELL Certification?

The WELL Certification is a new building standard to assess the health and wellbeing impact on its users – relevant for any type of building or space, of any scale or location. It employs a comprehensive approach to human physical, mental and social health.

WELL Rating integrate multi-discipline science of physical, psychology and social to benefit the health, well-being and performance of the people. Addressing the elements of our built environment through Ten Concepts:  Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, Community, and Innovation.

Benefit of WELL Certification

We, ALTA Integra believe that positive, engaged and healthy people add real value to your company, and can set you up for long-term productivity and success. According to a survey of thousand employees in the world more than 40% of people felt their office environment is contra productive. In another study, office workers ranked environmental comfort and inclusive space as the first and second priority to boost productivity.

That’s why we encourage industry leaders such as yourself, to not only focus on business efficiency, but on creating spaces that put the health and wellbeing of your staff and occupants first and foremost. While one might think it is too costly to consider occupants’ wellbeing within building’s design, in the long-term, this will have a meaningful and significant impact on your return on investment.

Simply put, healthier buildings foster happier, more productive and attentive staff, who will thrive to retain their positions and boost your company’s overall performance.

WHY choose ALTA Integra?

As a WELL Accredited Professional (AP) and WELL Sound Concept and Health Equity Advisory Team, we can help you to achieve this new building standard. ALTA Integra locally based team are the Indonesia leading authority on creating WELL Certified spaces that greatly enhances the performance of occupants.  

Across the project design and construction phases, we guide our clients through the intricacies of the WELL standard to apply its features and achieve compliance. Our aim is to deliver spaces that enhance the occupant’s health and quality of life, along with creating a work environment that encourages productivity.

The length of time for WELL certification varies depending on certain variables i.e; the scope of the project, the WELL level targeted and the quality of the information. The basic WELL certification process can be summarized as:

  • Registration: All projects must be registered through WELL online
  • Documentation Review: Submission of all necessary documentation for review by International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). All documentation must be approved before the project may move to the next phase.
  • Performance Verification: A site visit by IWBI or WELL PTO to ensure the project performs as intended
  • Certification: Once all applicable requirements are met, the project is recognized as WELL Certified
  • Re-certification: This is required every three years and includes another round of documentation submission and performance verification

Imagine creating a positive work environment that boosts your employee productivity by even a few percentages. Just think what that will mean for your financial returns in the medium to long-term. Contact us to see how you can join this exciting movement to make buildings healthier and more productive for all.

To help our clients drive human and environmental sustainability, we also have experience with other accredited bodies such as Fitwel, BREEAM, Home Quality and LEED. Projects under these certifications include facilities such as rooftop running tracks, ergonomic workspaces, quiet rooms and fitness programmes for employees.