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Hotel and Apartment Design & Build

High Performance design and continuous Hotel and Apartment

High Performance Hotel & Apartment

  1. The comfort and productivity for the guests and workers.
  2. Positive impact on surrounding environment and society
  3. Have a strong design character
  4. Sustainable business

Design Philosophy

From a view point of customers, Hotel and Apartment is a multi-leveled building that serves as a place to rest, work, exercise, enjoying entertainment and socialize. For surrounding society, Hotel and Apartment is a stimulus to accelerate the economy. With the existence of hotel and apartment business, retails, tourist attractions, entertainments will also be more vibrant.

For the view point of the owners, Hotel and apartment is a business that is meant to have the ability to grow that involves guests, employees and surrounding society to create a harmonious environment.

ALTA Integra Philosophy design integrates out engineering finesse with the elements of business to build a Hotel and Apartment that is sustainable. We serve design hotels and apartments that has a strong character, Strong performance, and profitable as a business.

Engineering Consultant Service

We have various service of Engineering consultation with the phase starting from Pre-design until retention. We have worked together with many architects, technical consultant, developer and operator from various parts of the world to achieve buildings of hotels and apartments with different sizes.

  1. Architectural Acoustics
  2. Noise Control
  3. Lighting and Daylighting
  4. Building Thermal Performance and Ventilation
  5. Green Building Design and Certification

Project Portfolio Hotel & Apartement

  • Noise Control Untitled Club JW Marriot Hotel Kuningan Jakarta
  • Building Structure Noise Control Park Royal Hotel Sentul
  • Architectural Acoustics Park Royal Hotel Sentul
  • Hotel Enso Road Noise Measurement


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