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Home Theater Design and Build – Mr AM

Home Theater Design

Once an entrepreneur named Pak AM contacted us (ALTA Integra). He explained that he wanted a home theater and karaoke room in his new home. After a brief introduction, he decided to entrust us to work on this room to analyze and take into account the acoustics of the room. The first job to do is to measure and estimate the acoustics of the room.

Project Highlight

Installation of maintenance walls covered by Acourete Fiber
The condition of the ceiling after completion of the insulation work is made in stages to produce a good reflective effect from the speakers
Wall conditions during installation work with Acourete Fiber and Acourete Board materials

Premium Experience

He wanted a room that could be used for karaoke, watching movies, and could be used for meetings, with one control. The target solution he hopes for is as follows: – The sound of home theater and karaoke is pleasant to hear and sing. – The echo that existed before the treatment room can be minimized. – Low room noise so that home theater sound effects can be heard clearly and karaoke vocals sound good. – Space Acoustic Consulting.

Flexible, future-proof design

To meet these targets related to room acoustics consultation, we do the following: – Resonance analysis and calculation before treatment. – RT60 analysis and calculation before treatment. – Create several alternative room acoustic designs. – RT60 metering indoors. – Estimated modeling of both the dimensions of these requirements. – Estimating the need for wall maintenance so that the acoustics of the room obtained are effective. – Determine the most appropriate insulation and interior design. – Room Acoustic Analysis for Home Theater




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