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Home Theater Design and Build – Mr RL

Home Theater Design

Building a home theater is the desire of Mr. RL, a young entrepreneur who lives in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. For a long time, he likes to watch movies and usually goes to the cinema with his family. There are times when he’s too busy, he doesn’t have time to take his family out or watch a movie to enjoy the weekend. Time can’t be bought, but a home theater room can be the solution.

Project Highlight

Designing sound insulation so that sound from the home theater does not leak out and conversely noise from outside the home theater also does not interfere with the room.
Perform acoustic panel design so as to produce sound output with first-class quality.
Lighting design that provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
Install a soundproof wall with Acourete Mat Resin as the base material.
Cooperate with audio and projector suppliers in the installation of audio visual equipment.

Premium Experience

Through his business partner, he was advised to immediately build a home theater in his home. Then, his colleague suggested that he use our services because our track record is considered ideal and good. To us, he conveyed his intention to build a home theater to be enjoyed with his family. After he consulted, we came to his house to analyze the acoustic problems in the room that was planned to be used as a home theater. The room measures 10×5 meters and is about 3.5 meters high.

Flexible, future-proof design

Around the middle of 2012, we started working on the project. At first we couldn’t do the acoustic installation right away. The house is still in the process of being renovated. In a state of renovation, of course, it will interfere with the acoustic installation process and can result in two – three repetitions. Therefore, we are waiting for the renovation process to be completed to make it easier for us to do the acoustic installation. All this for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency.




Completion Date


Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


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