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Best Acoustic Quality Design in Home Theater Construction

Home Theater Design And Build

Home Theater Design with good acoustic quality is a dream. Stanley (not his real name) is a young entrepreneur who is engaged in the capital market business. He has a hobby of watching movies and karaoke at home after a long day at the office. He has a dream to be able to have a quality home theater and karaoke room both in terms of interior and in terms of acoustics. Stanley meets William who is a contractor engaged in the construction of the Home Theater room. William is an entertainment room contractor who has a civil engineering education background but he is a home theater entertainment lover.

Project Highlight

Acoustic Design
Acoustic panel treatment

Premium Experience

Stanley said several wishlists that must be fulfilled by William, including: the home theater room must be soundproof and the sound quality in the room must be heard clearly but not painful to the ears. To realize the wishlist requested by Mr. Stanley, William contacted ALTA Integra to consult on the acoustic design of the room.

Flexible, future-proof design

First of all, William installed sound insulation panels using Acourete Mat Resin and Acourete Fiber 300 materials. Sound insulation panels were installed on all walls and ceilings of the room to prevent sound leakage. After that, acoustic treatment panels were installed on all walls of the home theater room. The panels are then finished using an interior fabric finish. To reduce resonance, the ceiling is made wavy.




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