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ALTA Integra Home Theater Design and Build

“Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.” (Roman Polanski)

A good home theater is a room with good acoustic, lighting and interior design. Good acoustic design is when we can hear the emotion express by the artists. When Sound Effects and Ambience from thriller movie creates goose bumps. When we feel surrounded by Sound of Music so natural and live.

Good Lighting Design is where the lighting does not interfere with the image on the screen. Creating nice ambience of interior to indulge our feeling. For that it needs calculation and planning that fits between the ratio of the brightness of the screen and the interior lighting.

Good Interior Design is where the seating position feels comfortable and the room looks aesthetically pleasing with the nuance that supports us to escape from our reality and feel that we are in the movie.

ALTA Integra Home Theater Design and Build Method

  1. Acoustics Design: room modes, reverberation, early reflection, sound transmission loss.
  2. Lighting Design: Illumination Level, Lighting Color and Effect, Luminary Selection
  3. Interior Design: Theme, Color, Material, decorative and furniture that harmonize.
  4. Audio Video Design: Equipment Configuration, Speaker position and subwoofer, screen brightness and the distance between the screen

The benefits of ALTA Integra Home Theater Design and Build

  1. Comprehensive Design that takes the parameter of acoustics, lighting and the available audio video equipment into an account
  2. Room design that pays attention to aspect of Beauty, comfort, security, health and treatment.
  3. Supported by master degree consultants that takes acoustics, lighting, and architecture.
  4. Saves time and costs that happens due to faulty design.

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