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Lighting Design Renovation of Heritage Buildings Canisius College Chapel Jakarta

Canisius College Chapel Jakarta

Canisius College is a Catholic school for boys. was founded in 1927 by the Society of the Jesuit Order. The school has a house of worship, a Chapel which was completed in 1931. Below are preliminary planning drawings found in the school archives of Canisius College.

Project Highlight

Schematic Design. After the design concept is submitted to the Preliminary Design stage which is approved by the Owner and the Planning Team, the work continues to the Schematic Design stage where ALTA performs modeling and simulation.
Construction. Create an Installation Mock Up to match the design. The purpose of this mock-up is to determine the suitability of the results with the simulation design.
Lighting Design Testing & Commissioning. After the design and construction stages are completed, testing and commissioning needs to be carried out with the aim of ensuring that the lighting design that has been made meets the desired lighting parameters and is installed properly.

Premium Experience

The lighting design at the beginning of the establishment of this chapel can be used during the day without using a lot of lights because the side windows are quite large with sufficient openings facing north-south so that the room is not hot and not exposed to glare. The altar wall faces east so the morning sun shines on the altar through the stained glass.

Flexible, future-proof design

However, in the late 1980s a tall building was built that covered the chapel building so that light did not enter the chapel causing the room to be dark and difficult to use. To overcome this problem, a design change was made to make the chapel brighter. Here is a picture of the chapel after it was renovated to make the room brighter.




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