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Noise Control Consultant for Exodus Club Jakarta

Exodus Club

One of the largest Night Entertainment group in Indonesia is planning to create an international scale integrated entertainment venues. For the construction, they require noise control consultants. In the end, they chose us. The period of October 2012, we (Integra ALTA team) became a consultant noise control plan to build the club and restaurant called Exodus. The Exodus Club is located in Jakarta, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio (Casablanca) Plot 18. Kuningan City Mall floors five, six, and seven. The fifth floor is the placement for the club, the sixth floor is the placement for the restaurant that features live music with a jazzy touch, and the seventh floor will be used as fine dining.

Project Highlight

Initial measurements on Exodus Club Jakarta
Soundproofing Needs Calculation / Noise Control
Doing Supervision Work on Exodus Club Jakarta

Premium Experience

We start from the concept design to manufacture appointed a consultant noise control. In order to save costs for consulting services noise control, Exodus Club Jakarta just asked us to handle soundproofing on floors five and six due to vote on the seventh floor was not too loud sounds outside. Goal noise control consultant at Exodus Club Jakarta is installing soundproofing so that the sound does not leak out and not disturb the surrounding area, for example in the apartment, a cinema, or the mall area.

Flexible, future-proof design

Concerns about sound leakage does not occur in Exodus Club Jakarta. Usually it is the problems that often occur in places of entertainment are located in public areas or public. Installation of soundproofing can walk ideal and indeed a very important role to overcome the problems of sound leakage. After construction is completed, clubs and restaurants can be enjoyed by all visitors comfortably. Outside area nearby is also not bothered by the noise of the Exodus Club Jakarta. Exodus owner satisfaction in the performance of consultants Integra ALTA noise control for the achievement of original expectations. A voice from the inside does not leak out and not disturb the surrounding area.

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